atom w trails aIf you're in New York City, I hope you can come out tomorrow night, Wednesday, Nov. 3, for my talk at Dorkbot-NYC. Dorkbot is an informal monthly gathering devoted to theme of "people doing strange things with electricity." This month's is being held at Location One, 26 Greene Street in Soho (between Canal and Grand) from 7 to 9 pm. I've given my presentation the dramatic title "The Future of the Autonomous Art Object in a Wired World, or, How Blogging Changed My Art Life," but I'll mostly just be spieling about my artwork, while projecting some images and animated GIFs. The "virtual slides" I'll be using are posted here, minus all the illuminating chitchat. Also on the program will be Claire Corey, a digital painter I mentioned a few posts back, and Matt Hall & John Watkinson, who will be discussing their Cell Phone Drum Machine. See you there!

- tom moody 11-03-2004 6:18 am

How was your talk?
- sally mckay 11-04-2004 7:42 am

Hey Tom,
good to meet and talk in person last night. Your presentation was very interesting. You have a pretty unique approach to making images.

take care
- twhid 11-04-2004 5:35 pm

Sorry I missed your talk. Looking forward to hearing about it. (What, no downloadable mp3?)
- jim 11-04-2004 5:38 pm

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