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2005November25th339578-Bit Wired Article
24th33956Sidney Blumenthal on Dick Cheney
May1st31843WaPo on Bent 2005 Festival
April6th31590Kelefa Sanneh and Ben Neill on Moby
March18th31374Greater New York 2005
January20th30775Assault on Precinct 13 Remake
9th30632NY Times - Steven Parrino Obituary
3rd30525Simon Singh on Einstein
2004December31st30477Slate: Digital Editions
29th30449Simon Winchester on Seismic Mysteries
23rd30400James Wolcott on Bernard Kerik
18th30311Kino on Mumford
November28th30053R Smith on Chelsea 2004
October17th29484Ron Suskind on Bush Religious Zealotry
7th29369Artists Trash Saarinen Building
August30th28915Christian Viveros-Faune Computer World
22nd28787Fallows on Upcoming 2004 Pres. Debates
9th28612Salon article - use of contractors at Abu Ghraib
6th28577Computer with my GIF in NY TImes
3rd28542Amazon Real Names
May24th27598Frank Rich on Farenheit 9-11
April15th26904Insurance for Open Source
26903Paul Berman NY Times Op-Ed
12th26863Bush on Additional Manpower in Iraq
March22nd26538Wesson - March 13 AP Story (Version 1)
21st26521Wesson Story - March 14 (Version 2)
20th26515Story on Fresno Child-Murders (Version 3)
17th26468Comcast -Disneyfication of the Net
4th26245Firstenberg Appropriation Show Press Release
1st26171Cintra Wilson on the 2004 Oscars
February20th26010Bob Herbert on Job-Exporting
19th25976Uploadphonix - Rick Silva
16th25928More On Service Imports
14th25917It's Not Job-Exporting, It's Job Migration
13th25892Bush et al on Outsourcing
January24th25458David Denby American Sucker
25442Dealers - Youthscape
23rd25432Holland Cotter on Brooklyn Galleries
12th25217Slime Magazine on O'Neill
25215CBS article on O'Neill revelations
8th25143J. Hoberman on Cast Away
4th25070The Australian on Ron Mueck
2nd25015Muschamp on Disney Concert Hall
2003December31st24868Digitizing Vinyl
28th24789Roger Ebert on Ghost Dog
19th24560Fascism Tower in Lower Manhattan Unveiled
17th24520Diane Sawyer Bush Interview Excerpts
November23951Yardley on John D. McDonald
October20th23670Oldie: Joyce Millman on Teletubbies
7th23532Tiger in Harlem Apartment
September21st23371Adam Cohen on Monkey Justice
18th23344Hayden Supercomputer Show
August11th23048Pre-War Lies - AP Summary
July17th2285828 Days Later - Alternate Endings
4th22754Jean-Claude Lebensztejn Artforum Interview
June2nd224972 Million in US Prisons - Go Us!
May16th22289My Fair Use Disclaimer
15th22278Female Game Characters
8th22109Roberta Smith on Youthquake
March27th21303Excerpt of Paul Berman Interview
February11th20685Jim Lewis on William Eggleston
January29th20558CIA and Rendering (Torture)
2002November18th19608Xtreme Houses Press Release
August5th18904Krystal Ishida Drawings
2nd18866CED Magic; Caspar Stracke
July31st18849Hildur Bjarnardottir
18841Escher - NY Times Story
25th18799Shell discussion continued
15th18738Bush as Queeg
7th18643Letter to Robert Jensen
18642Letter to Dowd on Giuliani
18641Letter to Rich on Giuliani
18640Letter to WaPo--Ohio State Commencement
18639Media Whores on Nader
3rd18580Krugman on Harken
June30th18553MWO submission
23rd18515Software History Email
7th18406Rorschach and Nite Owl
5th18376Eric Heller Remix
18375NYT Ad Model (drawing)
May27th18301Colleen Rowley Memo
April24th17671Whitney Biennial 2002 by Scott Speh
10th17210Gary Wilson
March28th16651Blade 2
4th15779Giuliani Destroyed WTC7, part 2
15778Giuliani Destroyed WTC7, part 1
February27th15623Dummy Ad for Show (b&w)
15622Dummy Ad for Show (color)
26th15604Kimmelman on Richter
January23rd14372Letter to Salon re: Sontag
2001December27th13306Tom Moody Pentagonal Table