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Highly recommended: MEQ AND THE URS, four songs performed entirely on the Sidstation synthesizer, using its unique wavetable features to write sequences (as opposed to overdubbing separately played parts, which is the lazy way out around here). The Sidstation is modern hardware incorporating the much-geek-fetishized SID (sound-producing) chip from '80s Commodore computers, and while this page has complained repeatedly about a lack of substantive musical content in the so-called "gameboy scene" hyped by Malcolm McLaren as the new whatever, I'm pleased to report that the MEQ songs are dark, soulful, trancy little numbers with clever compositional hooks and surprising transpositions, working within the cheesy video game limitations of the chip while reveling in its sensuous sawtooth sonorities. I finally got the .sid-song player working on my Sidstation so have been listening to some of the '80s game stuff but prefer what MEQ is doing, which is exploiting the capabilities of a smart present-day instrument built around a success story of the early era of home computing. The point is not to be stuck forever in the '80s but to pursue hybrids between the overlooked or still perfectly good old and the ingeniously programmed and collectively vetted new. "A Tale About Reactivation" and "Union Bob" especially shine.

More on this thread. Jotsif explains it's two Sidstations (using wavetables) playing side by side in real time, sequenced from the Monomachine (another synth made by Elektron, the same Swedish company that created the Sid).

- tom moody 6-03-2005 7:15 am [link]

Next time someone says you don't support the troops because you're opposed to Bush's handling of Iraq, the reply is that Bushvoters don't support them either. Fundamentalist preachers aren't urging their congregations to enlist in the personnel-starved Army, Rush the Hillbilly Heroin Addict isn't exhorting his dittohead radio listeners to serve in Iraq, and the 101st Fighting Keyboarders (right wing bloggers) aren't doffing their khakis and polo shirts and quitting their jobs in the tech industries to help Uncle Sam. They all love to bay for war but don't think their kind should have to pay the ultimate price. The official word from Bush to America is still shop for the war effort. I'm sick of these people and frankly don't think anyone should listen to them. (excellent graphic from PST; rant partly recycled Gilliard and Kos)

- tom moody 6-03-2005 12:34 am [link]

"Hiphop Guitar (Final Version)" [4.7 MB .mp3]

"Hiphop Guitar (Rhythm Only)" [mp3 removed]

This is more of that acid-y guitar used in my guitar solo video--I was able to save the settings and fool around with it more. The rhythm-only track is more soothing.

Update: Just want to say I'm taking this concept of home computers being the "new garage" (as some magazine called it) very seriously.

- tom moody 6-02-2005 9:30 am [link]

moody cubicle

My cubicle yesterday, the last day of the ART@><*WORK show (click image for slightly enlarged view). I like the contrast between my "dude holdin' it all in" style and Erika Somogyi & Evan Greenfield's rather more expanded field behind. Below: detail of my workspace. Bear in mind it was a performance piece--this is just scenery for me sitting there for 44 hours being the office dork I am in my other life. Thanks to those who came out to witness this--your interest and support is greatly appreciated!

moody cubicle detail

- tom moody 6-01-2005 9:15 am [link]

A few more installation shots from the ART@><*WORK (cubicle) show, in addition to my earlier ones and the ones Chris Ashley took. Top to bottom: Tony Luib's tribute to latex office supplies, including an abundance of what I call thumb condoms (used for flipping pages); an assortment of Michelle Rosenberg's "office supplies converted to bellows" (squeeze them and weird game calls inside squawk and chirp); Irene Moon's entomology thesis photos (excuse my lame reflection in the shot).

Tony Luib

Michelle Rosenberg

And lastly, a view out the window of 520 8th Avenue, Suite 1602.

- tom moody 6-01-2005 9:13 am [link]



Did these two drawings my last day of work, which was today. More documentation photos of the cubicle and surroundings are coming. Like, wow.

- tom moody 6-01-2005 5:30 am [link]

Somogyi Greenfield - Kiss

Couple smooching on xerox machine glass - drawn freehand in my cubicle today - the original image I eyeballed was a takeaway xerox print from Erika Somogyi & Evan Greenfield's cube (next to mine in the ART^!*@#WORK show).

- tom moody 5-30-2005 7:49 am [link]


More "live drawing" done in my cubicle earlier today.

- tom moody 5-30-2005 7:47 am [link]