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Kru(e)gers of the 80s

I miss the '80s...

- tom moody 7-05-2005 7:22 pm [link] [add a comment]

"Drum Reverie" [mp3 removed].

My Winamp playlist editor currently has 60 of my own tunes in it, most made in the last six months. There's some duplication, with multiple versions of a few tracks, but still, that's a couple over three hours of music. I've been posting it as I go on this page. Comments are turned off there because I'm too lazy to stay on top of the spam, but I appreciate the feedback I've gotten here on the main blog.

Update: the amount of music was revised after I downloaded iTunes while updating Quicktime. Unlike Winamp, iTunes tallies the total time of the music in the playlist editor.

- tom moody 7-05-2005 10:27 am [link] [add a comment]

Buckyball B&W Pattern 3

Buckyball B&W Pattern 4

Buckyball B&W Pattern 5

- tom moody 7-05-2005 10:26 am [link] [1 comment]

My somewhat overoptimistic July 4 post from two years ago:

I enjoyed seeing the fireworks over the East River last night and...whoops, wrong picture, this is us blowing up Baghdad. But seriously, talk about a disconnect between American ritual festivities and the chaos in Iraq right now. We're fast approaching the point where the number of our soldiers killed after George Bush's victory declaration tops the number that preceded it. After a few exciting days of monkey-screeching and hard-on flashing, Bush, Rumsfeld & Co. have moved on to other things (campaigning, plotting global domination, plundering public funds) and left others to clean up the mess. American troops are getting shot up, the Treasury's overdrawn, people are losing jobs, and the 9/11 conspirators are still at large.

Fortunately we can all go the polls next year and get rid of these clowns, right? Right?


- tom moody 7-04-2005 9:43 pm [link] [2 comments]

Buckyball B&W Pattern 2

More work in progress. One thing not clear from the photo is the black and white sheets no longer overlap: they've been cut into jigsaw pieces that mimic the initial one-shot, casual distribution of pages on the floor. You can see where the fragment to the right would fit into the "puzzle": every page is now similarly irregularly shaped. All of this keeps the piece from getting too thick and "multi-ply" when it's eventually taped together into a mosaic. Right now the white pages are held together with low-tack housepainter's tape, barely visible in the photo. The buckyball will be moved to the center for more tracing and trimming of the black and white paper.

- tom moody 7-04-2005 8:35 pm [link] [add a comment]

Addendum to an earlier post: SCREENFULL had David Lynch's "Daily Report" covered a week before it appeared on boingboing. Just being catty--I hardly ever look at boingboing. I really kind of hate those tech-oriented, gee whiz isn't science weird and wonderful sites. Boingboing describes the Lynch thing as a "weather report," which is a bit like saying Marcel Duchamp was a urinal-maker. It's true Lynch tells you the weather, but I swear I saw one where there was just this waxy, meat-like lump sitting on a tabletop. Also, maybe it should be called the weekday (except holidays) report, since he hasn't updated since Friday. If he doesn't keep it reasonably current there's no point and I'll delink it (woo).

Follow-up: today (Tuesday July 5) it's just a desktop still life and a Lynch voice over. He does recite the weather, but I still wouldn't call these things weather reports--all he does is give the temperature and what the sky looks like outside.

- tom moody 7-04-2005 8:08 pm [link] [add a comment]

Today I cannibalized an older piece that wasn't working, going after it with scissors and an X-acto knife (woo).

Buckyball Before

Buckyball After

Approximately 5 CDs later (actually LPs, mostly prog rock), the shearing was done and a new background was in place. Now the real work starts--the whole thing has to be cut into pieces and taped back together in a mosaic/quilt that looks exactly like this. (Strips of cloth framers' tape will be applied on the back, along the seams.) Those bar code things are xeroxes of an op art pattern I made in MSPaintbrush and only used once, for a small piece.

- tom moody 7-03-2005 7:48 am [link] [7 comments]

Added a left side link for David Lynch's Daily Report. In most of the short Quicktime movies I've seen at this URL, he's sitting in the same spot behind his work table wearing a white shirt. He looks at the sky outside his window (off camera), gives a short synopsis of the weather "here in LA," and looks calmly back at the viewer. The only thing that changes are slight variations in the direction of his towering white wave of a hairdo. It's awesome hair. I like the story James Wolcott told recently about the special critics' screening for Blue Velvet Pauline Kael gave back in the 80s. (Speaking of media objectivity.) She called Lynch to tell him everyone loved his sicko masterpiece and he earnestly replied in his typical schoolboy manner, "Oh, God bless." Dune, the movie he made for Dino de Laurentiis to bankroll Velvet, gets better and more disturbing every year. I had horrible bloody nightmares after watching it recently.

- tom moody 7-02-2005 10:10 pm [link] [add a comment]