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"Speed Too" [mp3 removed]. My remix of John Parker's remix of my Mac SE tune(s). Work in process--still editing this piece, but give it a listen!

The show we're in in Toronto, curated by Sally McKay, is called "Mods and Rockers" (opening May 12th at York Quay Centre, part of digifest). The work will be video displayed on two screens, separated by several feet in a public hallway, with a music soundtrack accessible through headphones hanging between the videos.

Don't know what the other invited artist teams are doing, but rather than have some kind of face-off, or rumble, we're merging sensibilities. The collective inner Mod is the high tech influence in the form of some sophisticated audio software and newish laptop used to edit and burn the video, and the inner Rocker is the low tech source material: 8-Bit-style tunes on an old Mac (some originally composed in the '80s) and animated GIFs based on MSPaint versions of John's flat work.

We're trying for some sort of parity between the audio and visual material. Pixels and square waves as both medium and subject.

This is just my dashed off statement, issued with John's more or less approval based on an earlier email. Like the music and video we've been posting, it could be Modified. Or I could be off my Rocker.

- tom moody 4-07-2006 9:11 am [link]

Oh, and did I mention "organic"?


Name Acronym Generator

- tom moody 4-07-2006 12:21 am [link]

Big shakeup at the Village Voice since the yuppie New Times Corp. bought the paper. From the comments at Undernews:
"The Bush Blog" was shut down just as things got interesting in D.C. "Press Clips," whose writers over the years included [Alexander] Cockburn and Doug Ireland, has been discontinued. [James] Ridgeway was pulled from the print edition 2 months ago -- now he has been sent packing.

Wonder how long it takes before the Voice becomes another pro-war/pro-Bush mouthpiece?
This is depressing. Blogs are taking up some of the slack left by the demise of independent, ad-based print media, but bloggers don't have the resources to do sustained, high-profile reporting that requires face to face interviews, travel, etc. RIP Village Voice. I shudder that they'll start scrubbing the politics out of Jim Hoberman's film reviews, which are all about the politics.

- tom moody 4-06-2006 10:14 pm [link]

fuzzy logic 1

fuzzy logic 2

Finally got some pics of the "Fuzzy Logic" show from summer 2005, in Manchester, UK, curated by Jackie Passmore and Michael Connor. A million thanks to Cat Mazza for these photos. The show was discussed a bit here (scroll way down). The top photo depicts Cory Arcangel's Infinite Fill Blanket, Peter Coffin's "wall-based prints bridging ASCII art and knitting patterns," a LoVid soft sound sculpture on the pedestal, my Fuzzyball paper piece upper right, and Claire Irving's mathematical knitting in the foreground. The bottom photo shows Cat Mazza's logoknit pieces and her knitting machine, and Woolly Thoughts' Mathematical Afghans.

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- tom moody 4-06-2006 12:44 am [link]

To all my Republican friends and family members (I love you but you are dopes), I offer this tribute to the fall of corrupt legislator, Tom DeLay. It's titled Oh Happy Day, and this is indeed a happy day for lovers of freedom and haters of thieves. Jane Hamsher of firedoglake wrote it:

Itís a beautiful day here in Oregon, and a great day in America.

Tom DeLay, one of the biggest crooks in modern American history, has fallen. In order to appreciate the importance of this I want to link to a couple of articles I think have been really good at laying out the full extent of the criminal enterprise that has bilked this country for billions, of which DeLay was the architect.

Nicholas Confessoreís Washington Monthly article on the K Street project is a must-read for anyone fuzzy on the details about how the GOP gamed the lobbying business to fund its illegal enterprises by hoovering up every tax dollar in sight, and quite nearly got its hands on the "prize pig" of the Social Security trust fund. And Sarah Posnerís article in The American Prospect is a searing expose of how lobbyists like Barbara Comstock set up a clearing house for companies wanting to bilk the government in the wake of 9/11, capitalizing on Republican fear-mongering and making sure that copious amounts of cash made their way back into GOP coffers and insured the perpetuation of the system.

The result? The government bought a bunch of expensive, useless shit it didnít need. DeLay and the GOP were very good at ripping off the nation but they left the country vulnerable, weakened and poor, ill-equipped to meet the challenges of a new century. National and economic security were the furthest thing from their minds. Every man, woman and child in America now carried $30,000 worth of government debt on their backs. And thousands have died in their expensive, futile, graft-laden war.

Tom DeLay has fallen today. Heís not in chains (yet) but heíll soon be out of Congress off the House Appropriations Committee where he has stolen so much for so long. And the justice system has him in their sights.

Itís a great day in America.

Update: Digby has posted the transcript of DeLay's recent interview with Wolf Blitzer, which gives the flavor of the outgoing congressional honcho's single minded, narcissistic insanity. Perhaps you know, or are related to, people like this: powerful bullies who can never admit any error. Or as Digby says, demand you pay them fealty by not pointing out they are stark raving mad.

- tom moody 4-05-2006 5:24 am [link]

Chameleon Monkey

Chameleon Monkey, artist unknown, enlarged with html.

- tom moody 4-04-2006 3:19 am [link]

Neal Stephenson's publisher has split the author's "Baroque Cycle" doorstops into nine paperbacks. Started reading the first one, Quicksilver (comprised of the first three chaps. of Doorstop 1); probably won't finish it. Stephenson is a good teacher, in the sense of getting complex math and science ideas across to a mass audience, but he's been spending too much time off by himself writing with his crow quill pen. (Apparently he abandoned computer-writing for this series.) The novel has a giddy, "I'm so smart I could pinch myself" tone a la Douglas Hofstadter's Godel, Escher, Bach, and it's hard to swallow Stephenson's revisionist effort to push computer science as far back in history as the alchemists. The anachronisms are annoying--having 17th Century characters using phrases like "run the numbers," or joking about "addiction" to tea--ah, yes, the therapy culture of the Baroque era. A book like John Barth's The Sot Weed Factor does a much better job of injecting tricky postmodern concepts into an "archaic" novel, in that it actually reads like an artifact from an earlier era.

- tom moody 4-04-2006 3:17 am [link]

bikini mortgage

- tom moody 4-03-2006 6:49 am [link]