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Some could sizzle, others could fizzle. We'll revisit these calls a year from now to see how they panned out.

Blogging: From Jim Romenesko's MediaNews to Hylton Jolliffe's Corante, blogging is all the rage these days. (Ed's note: A blog is a Web log providing commentary and linked pointers to other sites) . Blogging has grown in popularity because they are simple to maintain and cheap to produce. Some cover niche topics with quick blurbs of news with links to other sites while others are wide-ranging, covering every conceivable topic. In 2002, we believe corporate America will fully introduce itself to blogging, creating a profitable side industry. The New York Times sold out ad inventory for its DealBook e-mail blog launch and there are indications other publishing giants will follow suit. The concept of blogging as a viable business is still an experiment. But, in 2002, the sheer popularity will make it a hot trend.
- julie 1-07-2002 9:21 pm [link] [6 comments]