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- sally mckay 3-04-2006 3:20 am [link] [10 comments]

There is an interesting, critical, conversation-style review of Quantal Strife in the Toronto Star today. I kind of wish "the kid" critic was named (I can only assume the "boomer" is Peter Goddard), but being a blogger I'm getting used to anonymous critiques.

- sally mckay 3-02-2006 6:11 pm [link] [9 comments]

Last night I went to the Spacing film screening. It was really great. I forgot to bring the dang nabbed program home with me. There was a really great film by a guy who lives in Parkdale who's uncle lived and died in Parkdale. He talked about development in the area from a refreshing (historically invested) point of view. But I forget the guy's name. I'll find it soon and post it. Also, as I mentioned in a recent comment thread, Tino's Rick Goes to Crticial Mass totally rocked. Very inspiring and made me laugh all the way through. Granted, Rick is a natural film star, but Tino is a master: great pacing, great tone, great composition, and joie de vivre. It's tight, and it's beautiful. And you can see a tiny quicktime version online!

My little birdmap movie (below) was screened too. That went okay, except I realise that things that are designed to be almost postage-stamp size on a computer screen carry a different weight when imposed large on a bunch of people sitting in a dark room. It was bit heavy-handed at that scale. Oh well. At least it's short!

- sally mckay 3-02-2006 2:57 am [link] [10 comments]

When words and their meanings got pulled apart by po-mo theorists, some people decided that signification (meaning) was old-fashioned and tacky, but the signs (words) were shiny bright and fun to toss around like glittery little trinkets. For other people, though, this pulling apart of things made the structure of meaning itself the mutiple threads and interconnected nests even more sexy and fun. Gary Kibbins, one of my favourite writers, belongs to the latter group. I worked on his book, Grammar & Not Grammar, briefly while I was at YYZ. Now that it is published I'm enjoying it very much again. Some day I will write a proper review. A single-author blog post is not enough. Luckily Von Bark is more babblicious than I.
VB says: Gary Kibbins is clever and funny and has interesting things to say about art. I do not want to toss off some glib little comment, I really want to go into depth, but there are so many dimensions of possibility that I can't possibly sum it up in a few sentences. Gary Kibbins comprehends the mercurial nature of nonsense. The tyranny of narrative helps us to understand the world, so Kibbins embeds subtle threads of narrative in a gleeful indulgence of nonsense. Nonsense, the media he swims in, reveals truths about the world we live in that cannot be accessed by rational thought, kinda like 'Alicia in Terra Mirabili'.

- sally mckay 2-26-2006 3:20 am [link] [2 comments]

My brother, Joester, is a star. Good article by Chris Ashley.

- sally mckay 2-23-2006 11:14 pm [link] [8 comments]

movie link

- sally mckay 2-20-2006 8:55 pm [link] [9 comments]