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"Given a choice between protecting American civilians and protecting the client regimes that sponsor and coddle those who murder them, the Bush Administration has taken the second option every time. This seems to me impeachable in the profoundest sense of the term." So says Christopher Hitchens in this week's issue of The Nation, criticizing the catering to the Saudi princes* that occurred before and after the massive intelligence failure that was 9/11. I'm glad that Hitchens is finally waking up to how the Bushites put the interests of their business buddies ahead of the lives of Americans--he actually uses the "I"-word!--after he wasted energy the last couple of months bashing Chomsky, Sontag, et al. Now, if he could just extend his own logic to the War Against Afghanistan (which he supported) and see that it was also a case of Bush "taking the second option..."

Also, as long as we're being unpatriotic, isn't it interesting how Mayor Giuliani's "bold, humane leadership" post-9/11 (I wasn't watching TV, so to me he was the same authoritarian sonofabitch he was before the disaster) took attention away from his huge blunder in building a $15 million Emergency Command post inside the World Trade Center? Person of the Year indeed. He owed the city leadership, after that act of swell-headed hubris put us at risk of having no governance whatsoever.

*Even the Wall Street Journal thinks that "Riyadh is at the root of much evil."

- tom moody 1-06-2002 7:38 am [link] [18 comments]