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Another more or less verbatim art world (Williamsburg) conversation, from last weekend.
[Artist A is having an opening. Moody and Artist A discuss Artist A's work at some length, then the subject of "digital art" generally, then the recent Lucas Samaras show, which Artist A didn't see and asks Moody to describe. It is a pleasant enough conversation until Barger walks up.]

Barger: I hope you don't mind if I barge in on your discussion here.

Artist A: Not at all.

Moody: Not at all.

Artist A: He was just telling me about the Lucas Samaras show.

[Moody recaps briefly and finishes the point he was making. Barger stares at Moody with what can only be described as defiant blankness, then turns to Artist A.]

Barger: So, Artist A, I really like the [describes technique] in your prints! It's just great!

[Moody realizes it is, after all, Artist A's opening, and it's never exactly rude to derail a discussion to give the honoree a compliment, so he waits a moment or two until a third person joins the conversation, then exits the group, mainly to get away from Barger.]

- tom moody 5-12-2005 7:13 pm [link]