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Now every Bush Administration underboss is stepping forward to declare he or she was "not Bob Woodward's source" for the earlier-than-Scooter outing of CIA agent Plame's non-official cover. A la "I was not Deep Throat." This is like Evil Watergate, with Woodward transformed over the years from a valiant underdog reporter into another lying White House stooge. Meanwhile, Congress reenacts the McCarthy years, attempting to destroy the reputations of those who challenge Bush's war fantasy, the latest being Congressman Murtha. This is all corrupt, inside-DC stuff. It's perfectly clear to the multitudes outside the Washington nuthouse that:

1. Whatever you think of the CIA's use of torture to gain information, exact confessions, etc in undisclosed foreign locations, recently revealed to include prisons in the former Soviet gulag (I think it's wrong and hurts us in the eyes of the world), as long as you're willing to agree that sometimes their secret agents do protect us from mass murderers (and it's very hard to concede this after the spectacular failures of 9/11), then there's probably a consensus that blowing an agent's cover for politics (in this case, selling a bogus war) harms everybody.

2. Bush lied us into war with the help of Congress and the press. To suggest the war is failing is to state the obvious. What is the mission now? To "beat the insurgents"? Did America invade Iraq to conquer it and hold it as a colonial territory? Most people don't think we did.

- tom moody 11-19-2005 10:52 pm [link]