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In a previous post I mentioned my and John Parker's Scratch Ambulance CD was being marketed through iTunes. This led to a friendly email wondering why I'd changed my mind about iTunes. I haven't!

The company we used to press the CD also helps the artist market the work through a number of different indie and non-indie sources, one of which is iTunes. It's gonna be a couple of weeks before it's available.

I still don't have iTunes on my computer and still dislike it. I just don't dislike it enough to prevent a few pennies possibly coming my way by withholding my music from it.

I've never used a portable stereo type device (headphones hurt my ears) but I also like the idea of DRM-less sound files being freely distributable outside a monolithic single-company scheme.

On my computer I have Winamp, which takes files from my own foldering system.

- tom moody 7-10-2007 8:07 pm [link] [2 comments]