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All-Out Civil War in Iraq: Could It Be a Good Thing? (Asks Fox News)

Fox News: Iraqi Civil War a Good Thing?

From the Cheney Administration's (corporate) Goebbels. Just posting this for posterity. David Asman, the twit with the yellow tie, is the classic dweeb who couldn't get a girlfriend in high school and had to join the chess club and still burns with resentment. Bush, a spoiled but powerful bully, is the perfect person for him to support.

- tom moody 2-25-2006 9:35 pm [link] [15 comments]

Just realized the fifth anniversary of this weblog was two days ago. *cheers, fireworks, etc* Here was my first post; feels like I wrote it yesterday. The site design hasn't changed in all this time so nothing looks any different (except the initial capitals in my logon). As always, thanks to Jim Bassett for the excellent software that continues to run glitch- and spam-free, and to the Digital Media Tree community of bloggers who are keeping the spirit of '99 alive while blogging has run through several hype cycles.

Was just reading a (non-Tree) blogger's lament that his page didn't rate an Armory Show press pass. (The Armory is the big art fair that New York galleries have for people so decrepit they can't see art if it requires walking more than a block. You know, bladders and colostomy bags fill up and there's only so much you can do in a day.) That blogger's bellyachin' is a sign, I suppose, that the medium is maturing--that people are even talking about that kind of stuff. The story had a happy ending--his online moaning embarrassed the Armory gatekeepers into issuing the all important pass.

- tom moody 2-24-2006 10:21 pm [link] [6 comments]

Some new work by Joe McKay:

Joe McKay - Sunset Solitaire

Sunset Solitaire. Artist projects Flash color bands against building silhouetted in front of actual sunset, tries to match the colors, a la a veejay mixer. Human vs. Nature, who will win this video game? (See also McKay's Color Game.)

Kinetic Computer Sculptures. In these pieces, the private inner guts of computer hardware are opened up to mock-surveillance, like proctoscopy, except instead of what you sit on it's what you sit and use all day. An opened, violated Mac tower has a small robot searchlight sweeping its innards, while on an adjacent monitor, footage is shown of the same scene that doesn't match (like the video loop of Keanu and Bullock that fools Dennis Hopper in Speed).

In another piece, an ink jet printer is rigged for auto-voyeurism, watching its own print head as it slides lasciviously back and forth. Except, again, the footage is fake.

Chris Ashley has a good article on McKay here.

- tom moody 2-23-2006 9:01 pm [link] [7 comments]

String Quartet Screen Shot

"Composition for Stringed Instruments" [5.5 MB .mp3].

This is the final, four minute version, barring minor tweaks; the previous posts are just parts of this. I'd like to give big props to musicians Sue Lynn, Art, Dmitri, and Enid for putting up with all the retakes while we recorded the string parts. You did especially well imitating the slight pauses and minute imperfections of the sampler and sequencer--that was really perverse of me to ask you to do that. You will get your checks soon! All my love to the music scene--keepin' the spirit "downtown."

- tom moody 2-23-2006 6:45 am [link] [2 comments]

Brian Alfred - LoVid

Brian Alfred made this image of the art/sound/performance duo LoVid; it's an analog remix of my digital camera photo. The materials are collaged, cut Color Aid paper and the dimensions are 9 by 12 inches. Alfred has a show of paintings opening March 4 at Mary Boone Gallery, and an animation piece upcoming in March in Times Square. Curious to see both--I've only seen the paintings in reproduction, but he is a great animator and a whiz with the X-acto knife.

- tom moody 2-22-2006 8:47 pm [link] [2 comments]

"String Quartet Piece" (second posting of work in progress with additional music) [mp3 removed].

Final version here.

- tom moody 2-22-2006 6:48 am [link] [4 comments]

Internet (sort of, this 18.8 MB .mp4 is more documentation, a kind of moving thumbnail, of a DVD, than "web art" per se):

End Notes - Quicktime Screen Shot

Non-Internet (screen shots of the DVD on a TV):

End Notes TV Shot End Notes TV Shot
End Notes TV Shot End Notes TV Shot
End Notes TV Shot End Notes TV Shot
End Notes TV Shot End Notes TV Shot

- tom moody 2-21-2006 8:47 pm [link] [5 comments]

Dear Music Diary, I've already reached the point in this string quartet piece I'm writing where I wanted to transition out of the lugubrious intro and into something peppier. I blocked in this sort of Euro-country dance thing but it wasn't working in 4/4 time and it was way too slow. I counted the beats to make it work--could something possibly be in 23/8 time? 23 is a prime #, I'm already feeling the math in this piece. (Googled and sure enough Genesis worked in 23/8, for the "chase sequence" in "Robbery, Assault & Battery"--Tony Banks called the rhythm "insane.") So I went with it, added another bar with 23 beats where the pizzicato strings come in, gradually increased the tempo from 120 bpm to 200, and used a slow volume fade to diminish the bass and cello parts still grinding away in 4/4. Now I'm ready to embellish on that "dance."

Final version here.

- tom moody 2-21-2006 8:45 pm [link] [2 comments]