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Thor Johnson remixed a piece of mine posted a few months ago:

"Tasteful Triphop (Thorrific Shruti Box Remix)" [mp3 removed].

The original tune is here:

"Tasteful Triphop" [mp3 removed].

Johnson's version is darker and more haunted. It is no longer tasteful, but instead might be described as a combination of Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music and Can's "ethnographic forgery series," with a modern but gritty digital edge.

Johnson also has a new web video (approx 24 MB Flash file), a psychedelic montage of Dick Cheney's recent, much-booed "throwing out the first pitch" photo op with the debated-and-then-quickly-forgotten clip of American soldiers shooting the wounded in Fallujah. The repressed returns to mingle with the banality of evil (that baseball jacket!).

- tom moody 5-09-2006 6:39 pm [link]

time tunnel 2

time tunnel 1

Time Tunnel was a pretty boring Irwin Allen TV series in the '60s where the protagonists go back in time to key moments in history--like, right before John Wilkes Booth is about the assassinate Lincoln--and inevitably face the same paradoxes and moral dilemmas week after the week. But what a set! The concentric rings pulsed while the two time dudes ran through the tunnel. Sometimes there were narrow escapes, like, they had to get out of the tunnel fast, before the universe exploded. [/Spicoli]

- tom moody 5-09-2006 1:04 pm [link]

Grey Grid (Namenwirth)

"Grey Grid (Aron Namenwirth)" [.mov file removed -- thanks, Apple -- see GIF version]

This is an animated remix interpretation I did of an acrylic-on-panel painting by Aron Namenwirth. It should be set automatically to loop in your Quicktime player and move very fast. (If not, something's out of whack. But the movement should be irregular--that's "in whack.")

- tom moody 5-08-2006 2:23 am [link]

Tom Moody, "Room Sized Animated GIFs," artMovingProjects, NYC. Checklist (with links to Internet versions) and work as installed in the gallery (projected and on assorted monitors)

1. OptiDisc, DVD-R, projection dimensions variable

2. Double Centrifuge, DVD-R

3. Eyeshades, DVD-R

4. Guitar Solo, DVD-R, music by the artist

5. Sensor Readings, DVD-R, music by the artist

Installation Photos

OptiDisc Installation



Guitar Solo Installation

- tom moody 5-06-2006 6:28 pm [link]

Adam Green on Net Neutrality:
If Net Neutrality is gutted, Google, eBay, and YouTube either pay protection money to companies like AT&T or risk that their sites process slowly on your computer... And the little guy with the next big idea would be muscled out of the marketplace, relegated to the "slow lane" of the information superhighway.
Green's post has some links for the little guy to use to help stop the pro-AT&T legislation that is winding through Congress like a big bowel movement. Unlike the fake populist website ex-Clintonista McCurry set up ("Hands Off the Internet"--as in no regulation, even though regulation is what keeps the Internet a level playing field), the various pro-neutrality forces are the real good guys here. Or at least better guys.

- tom moody 5-06-2006 6:25 pm [link]

OptiDisc cellphone screenshot

Thanks to whoever sent me this cellphone pic of the OptiDisc installation. This was in my inbox when I got home from the opening last night.

- tom moody 5-06-2006 6:13 pm [link]

What happened to the "peace dividend"?

From a Salon interview with James Carroll, author of the book House of War (no link to amazon--I'm not part of their blogger payola network, sorry, and sorry for the link to subscription-only Salon; it's all about money these days):
The most important example of the momentum I'm describing in this book, this unchecked momentum, is what happened at the end of the Cold War. Because by the end of the Cold War a massive military machine had been set up and the thing that justified it, our enemy the Soviet Union, disappeared. Yet that machine was not dismantled.

There's the big clue of the momentum I'm talking about. How is it that in 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 -- not so long ago -- there was a lot of talk about something called the peace dividend, but it never came? The American military did not significantly change its posture with regard to nuclear weapons, even under Bill Clinton. Why did that happen? It's the great unanswered question. And because it happened that way the responses of George W. Bush to 9/11 have all been extremely and unnecessarily militarist. We responded to 9/11 as though we were in the thick of the Cold War. The great symbol of that is an anecdote from the 9/11 Commission, which is that when we finally scrambled jet fighters to respond that morning, they went out over the Atlantic Ocean looking for incoming attacks from the Soviet Union. The other great symbol is George W. Bush fleeing to the command bunker at Offutt Air Force Base, the Strategic Air Command bunker that had been created by Curtis LeMay. That's the perfect symbol of our problem. It's not so much him I'm faulting here. [Oh, go ahead. -tm] What I'm suggesting is there was this unchecked Niagara current, a current that flows from the Pentagon to the disastrous cliff just ahead of us.
For future viewing (haven't seen it, just posting the link): Why We Fight on Google video (not the Frank Capra version).

- tom moody 5-06-2006 6:09 pm [link]

atomic skull enlarged

Yes, another plug for my show, opening tonight. No, this skull won't be in it, room sized, it's just to "get your attention." (I got it from an "assorted GIFs page" and scaled it up.) Please join me at artMovingProjects, 116 N. 12th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 7-9, for some vino and pulsating low-res animations in a variety of sizes, some with sound, some without. I hope to have some pics up by tomorrow. Thanks for the shouts from AFC, MTAA, TONY, and ArtCal.

- tom moody 5-06-2006 12:15 am [link]