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Two Videos:


"Exit Maurice" (Quicktime video) [10.5 MB .mp4]

Dancin2 Mov Capture small

"Dancin' (Please Register)" (Quicktime video) [9.5 MB .mp4]

The first one plays as it loads, and the second one loads first, then plays, at least on my browser. Because of different software companies? (You could also right-click or option-click and save.)

- tom moody 1-07-2005 10:30 pm [link] [7 comments]

"Blues for DG" [5.7 MB .mp3]. This is me tickling the synth ivories and slappin the skins roadhouse blues style. Not really, but it was done in real time bending notes and then edited down. I originally called it Blues for Donald because I was imagining variations on a few notes like his iterations of aluminum cubes out in Marfa, only bluesy, but I changed the title because I hate overt homages to past art and don't want it to be "about" the Judds. "DG" is a complete red herring.

UPDATE: Trimmed about a minute out of this.

- tom moody 1-07-2005 10:27 pm [link] [add a comment]

Music Studio

My music studio setup from a few months ago. I got the idea of using this particular Photoshop filter for a studio photo from a prog rock musician I admire, whose site is no longer online apparently. A line out from the Mac SE (the screen on the right) goes to the mixing board on the left (note improvised gear rack). Another line out from the PC (floor) also feeds into the mixer, and the audio is then routed back into the PC through the LP recorder box on the floor. The audio out from the PC was the voice of Microsoft Sam reciting numbers in German, gradually slowing down and changing pitch because there wasn't enough memory in the text reader. Beats came off a DIY drum program streaming off the internet. The SE, running MusicWorks, supplied a background jingle. I've recently started using off-the-shelf software and felt I needed to post this to establish my street (Povera) cred. I consider all this visual art, for any curator who thinks I've stopped working. This is why I probably won't apply for a Creative Capital grant: they'd never understand. I'm not sure I do.

- tom moody 1-07-2005 8:57 pm [link] [add a comment]

bad jpeg (sandy-hash)

Speaking of poor quality jpegs, Michael Bell-Smith steers us towards this page at a site called "fake is the new real." I've been enjoying the random collection of fey, twee, transmedial-type things on that site but one point of clarification should be that the jpegs assembled there (and sampled here) are good (as in beautiful) bad jpegs as opposed to good-bad (as in pathetic/funny) bad jpegs.

bad jpeg (wacker)

bad jpeg (bridgeboat)

bad jpeg (e-k-m)

bad jpeg (between)

- tom moody 1-06-2005 4:49 am [link] [11 comments]

Bill saw a girl in Jersey City wearing a T-shirt that says "Von Bitch." More on the Von guy here.

von dutch thumb

- tom moody 1-06-2005 4:47 am [link] [add a comment]

Surfing around electronic music links yesterday. has vanished. That was the site for a great record store where I bought a lot of vinyl from '99 - '03. Somewhere owner Load Rezenhand has a shop's worth of amazing inventory in storage--if I was rich I'd track him down and buy it all. One of the most helpful people at the store that I found early on was DJ Prozac. Incredibly knowledgeable, with discriminating taste and a strong point of view (until I found this Discogs link I didn't know his name or that he'd made these tracks). His taste was consistently harder, harsher, and more experimental than what I liked but he took pity on me and recommended more of the "beautiful" or seductive electro and tech-house I was looking for. He is friends with artist Meredith Danluck and through her he briefly became electronic music maven of the art stars. (Well, I'm told one relatively famous artist who used a Wolfgang Voigt composition in his work learned about him through Zach.)

Some survivors (more on all this later):

- tom moody 1-06-2005 4:40 am [link] [add a comment]

Excerpts from "TEMP IS #173083.844NUTS ON YOUR NECK, or, Hacker Fashion: a Photo Essay," from the BEIGE Multimedia Gallery.

Plain white tee with r0x0r sticker applique on right breast, accented by grey IDE hard-drive cable boa and high-tilted Yankees cap [twenty-sack not shown].
Hacker Fashion 8

Hacker Fashion 6
Black "2600" tee with white button-up short-sleeve shirt, accented by retro-print gradient-pattern clip-on tie and kelly green crochet beanie.

Black denim trench, featuring shoulder-studded static RAM chips, BNC video cable muscle cuff, aqua and red banana clips, and assorted buttons.
Hacker Fashion 3

Images from "H2K2 - The Fourth Hackers on Planet Earth [H.O.P.E] Conference," July 12-14, 2002, New York City. Text by Paul B.Davis, photos by Cory Arcangel, fashion terminology and editing by Lauren Viera. More here.

- tom moody 1-05-2005 11:56 am [link] [2 comments]

Edward B. Rackley has been traveling in the Congo and has a report and some photos in the Old Town Review.
The human catastrophe of Eastern Congo is, for visitors, a bundle of numbness and raw nerves. In September, at the invitation of a British think-tank, I visited the unstable region to assess the causes of ongoing violence against civilians. With close to 15,000 peacekeepers on the ground, a transitional government anticipating national elections in six months, and well-funded efforts to disarm, demobilize and reintegrate combatants into civilian life—the “DDR process”—why are civilians still being killed with such impunity? Scores of interviews with humanitarian actors, UN staff, and Congolese revealed the usual suspects: predatory governance, uncontrolled armed groups, endemic impunity, and the inaccessibility of civilian populations due to ongoing combat.

None of these factors is particularly well understood by outsiders; this opacity keeps the “heart of darkness” myth alive. For insiders, Africa remains a Dark Continent by sole virtue of its ability to generate degrees of suffering that surpass human comprehension. Unfettered anarchy it is not. Recent African crises have birthed a new truism: “If it looks like anarchy, then you don’t understand what you see.” Eastern Congo fits the adage well: “chaos” and “senseless tragedy” are the inevitable, indelible impressions etched on any visitor’s memory. But behind the barrage of extreme scarcity, mute agony, and feverish suspicion is a clear pursuit of economic interest, a highly dexterous application of disorder as political instrument.
Read the rest here.

- tom moody 1-05-2005 11:53 am [link] [add a comment]