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The press release for an upcoming show I'm in called O Show Graphic, aka the O Show, can be found in this .PDF file. The exhibition opens November 30, with a reception on Dec. 11, at SICA, on the Jersey shore, and is organized by New York curatorial combine MatCh-Art. I'm showing the DVD of this animated GIF. Other artists include Lisa Beck, Louis Cameron, Moriah Carlson, Orly Cogan, Mark Dagley, Joel Edwards, Rob Grunder, Francis Holstrom, Sharon Horvath, Jim Houser, Jasper Johns, Chris Kasper, Laura Ledbetter, Jim Lee, Monique Luchetti, Noah Lyon, Andrew Masullo, Rob Matthews, Derick Melander, Matthew Northridge, John Phillips, James Rosenthal, Savako, Randall Sellers, Mark Shetabi, Jordan Tinker, John Torreano, Alice Wu, B. Wurtz, and Nami Yamamoto. More as the date approaches.

- tom moody 11-23-2005 1:05 am [link]

"Two Bass Salad" [mp3 removed]

Number 5 in the Sidstation/drum machine suite. Bouncy and minimal. Will likely be remixed with more panning effects and possibly some kind of break or bridge, but this is the guts of it.

- tom moody 11-21-2005 2:22 am [link]

Now every Bush Administration underboss is stepping forward to declare he or she was "not Bob Woodward's source" for the earlier-than-Scooter outing of CIA agent Plame's non-official cover. A la "I was not Deep Throat." This is like Evil Watergate, with Woodward transformed over the years from a valiant underdog reporter into another lying White House stooge. Meanwhile, Congress reenacts the McCarthy years, attempting to destroy the reputations of those who challenge Bush's war fantasy, the latest being Congressman Murtha. This is all corrupt, inside-DC stuff. It's perfectly clear to the multitudes outside the Washington nuthouse that:

1. Whatever you think of the CIA's use of torture to gain information, exact confessions, etc in undisclosed foreign locations, recently revealed to include prisons in the former Soviet gulag (I think it's wrong and hurts us in the eyes of the world), as long as you're willing to agree that sometimes their secret agents do protect us from mass murderers (and it's very hard to concede this after the spectacular failures of 9/11), then there's probably a consensus that blowing an agent's cover for politics (in this case, selling a bogus war) harms everybody.

2. Bush lied us into war with the help of Congress and the press. To suggest the war is failing is to state the obvious. What is the mission now? To "beat the insurgents"? Did America invade Iraq to conquer it and hold it as a colonial territory? Most people don't think we did.

- tom moody 11-19-2005 10:52 pm [link]

"Protest Song Variation" [mp3 removed]

"Marching Morons" [mp3 removed]

Moving ahead with the projected "ten songs for analog drum machine and Sidstation"; these are two more, recorded with the new gear.

- tom moody 11-18-2005 9:06 pm [link]

Dooman Group

Paper Rad Info is a blog about Paper Rad. However, it is not Paper Rad. That is here. Above is the Dooman Group. a spinoff band named after Dr. Doo; the photo came from Flickr. Inspiring!

And I confess I missed this Art in America article on Cory Arcangel, which discusses his collaboration with Paper Rad at Deitch Projects, among other activities. Fortunately I have the web to keep me up to date on print. We'll know a zeigeist moment has occurred when Cory is no longer called a "computer artist" and is just called an "artist."

- tom moody 11-18-2005 3:51 am [link]







Photos off the TV from The Adventures of Prince Achmed, 1926, a full-length animated film dir. by Lotte Reiniger. Amazing stuff, all silhouettes, inspiring this exercise in couch-potato photojournalism. More on the film (thanks to dave).

- tom moody 11-17-2005 3:19 am [link]

Dear Music Diary, I wrote some posts about the difficulties I was having recording a recently acquired analog drum machine. The sound was either clipping or too quiet. I had some good suggestions for ways to compress the drum sounds and those were much appreciated but I finally solved the problem by getting a firewire sound card--the MOTU 828mkii. The audio/digital converters are better than my three year old computer's and the sound is just generally better. I'm using it with a laptop, also recently acquired, which has more RAM and is also better and faster as a music-making machine. Also I can use two screens with it. So once again production will slow down as I migrate programs and sound files to the new environment.

- tom moody 11-17-2005 1:32 am [link]

High Line

The Village Voice on the yuppie rape of the High Line:
Although the landscape architects expect to use existing vegetation as a guide for the park's greenery, concrete walkways will replace the uninterrupted fields of tall grassesólush and green in the summer or dried golden like wheat in the fall. Chances are much of the Chinese bittersweet, with its pert orange berries, will be replaced by a plant that won't aggressively overtake its neighbors. And the trees struggling upward, which have dug their roots deep into the railroad bed, will be rooted out.
"A guide for the park's greenery"--you gotta love it. They're killing the vegetation and completely replacing it in order to save it. That's the American Way, in Vietnam, Iraq, and limousine lib NYC. Pardon the invective, but fuck all y'all.

- tom moody 11-16-2005 1:35 am [link]