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archive of posts for the year 2006


December31st38836Scott Carruthers
29th38811L.M. Ed Pien
27th38797Marc Ngui
24th38773merry xmas
22nd38753Rob Cruickshank's Top Ten
38752RM Vaughan's Santa Crèche
38746Andrew Harwood's Top Ten
21st38744Tino's top ten
20th38734Michelle Allard
19th38722Gordon Hicks
18th38712Sandra Alland's top ten 2006
38710Anthony Easton's top ten
38706call for top ten 2006
17th38698L.M. Voyce
15th38664L.M. Fastwürms
14th38659Miss Canadiana
13th38649L.M. Johanna Householder
12th38642Kristin Lucas
38640L.M. Nestor Krüger
11th38630Andrew J. Paterson
38628L.M. Kenn Bass
8th38607L.M. Peter Bowyer
4th38569Mcbride chainsaw art
3rd38553L.M. makingROOM
2nd38540L.M. Liberal leadership race
November29th38525Muskwa Kechika update
28th38521Backflash story
25th38489L.M. Placed exhibition
21st38461edge.org & art influence
38438L.M. royal Winter Fair
38435L.M. agricultural hall of fame
17th38417link to simpleposie Greenberg thread
16th38404Thicket 1: The Voyage (documentation)
15th38389L.M. radar
14th38382Fuse launch
13th38374dennett, consciousness, kiss machine excerpt
12th38356L.M. poppies and such
9th38317Arts Vote
8th38310Annie Pootoogook
5th38272dennett midgley dawkins hauser confabulation
4th38265Thicket 1: The Voyage
38250Neutrinos on blogTO
October31st38221Candy Minx and David Moos
38212atheism article at WIRED
30th38198halloween kitty
28th38180tiny dot
27th38172rabbit spaceship
26th38163Crystal Mowry
23rd38136White Rabbit
38119bunny's white rabbit
38118donna kane's photos and deryk houston painting
38117warcraft south park and second life
18th38100US terror bill
16th38084drawings at Full on Gall
13th38058background independence
38056gwynne dyer on total invulnerability
10th38030smolin review
6th37996neutrino lecture & workshop
5th37990MK water gifs
37985mk clouds
2nd37955art & war & fantasy rambling
September27th37898nuit blanche
25th37866milky bird
23rd37855The Legacy of Joseph Wagenbach
20th37810link to simpleposie scribbler
37805Muskwa-Kechika loon gif
19th37803Muskwa-Kechika ridge gif
15th37752Toronto Sculpture Garden vote
12th37732bike helmet risk study
11th37714MK photos & pine beetle
9th37699cosmic wonders at yerba buena
7th37667Sketch Swap
6th37654Sandra Rechico and Libby Hague
August31st37589Karl Mattson's Surveyor
28th37543L.M. pandas & puppies
27th37531L.M. sliding banana GIFs
25th37508L.M. Jeunesse Yukon installation
37507L.M. abou ben adhem crawl
22nd37471L.M. Greeter crawl
37462L.M. Jeunesse Yukon crawl
37461L.M. Willing Maid crawl
37460L.M. Rox of Pay crawl
37459L.M. Spoken Fur Crawl
37458L.M. All Knight Long crawl
37457L.M. Agnes Digital crawl
37456L.M. Bletchingly crawl
37453L.M. Infomint crawl
37452L.M. Red Cross GIF
20th37393L.M. Molotov Cocktail
19th37391L.M. New Statesman
18th37380L.M. Rick Mercer
16th37353L.M. TigerVideo/Cow Video
15th37325L.M. Pippiclava
14th37321L.M. Günter Grass & the SS
37315L.M. Pierre Tristam
13th37309L.M. woot woot booyah
37308L.M. Michael Maranda
11th37275L.M. Vid Ingelevics
10th37269L.M. Yam Lau & his poets
9th37259L.M. mnobody promo
37250L.M. ABD promo
8th37232L.M. unreliable war info
7th37217L.M. Ontario emoticons
5th37197L.M. more photos from Lebanon
37191L.M. photos from Habeeb
4th37163L.M. War in the Blathersphere
2nd37134L.M. Puppy Flowers
1st37107L.M Vessna Perunovich
July31st37089L.M. Magic Talking Crow
29th37067L.M. Hamilton Bomb Ride
28th37058L.M. Hamilton grenades
37057L.M. suitcases
25th37029Lisa N. Goldman
20th36982drawings in Beirut
18th36951Paul Hong review
17th36932L.M. How Lebanon Gets Fucked - part 3
36930L.M. How Lebanon Gets Fucked - part 2
36926L.M. How Lebanon Gets Fucked - part 1
15th36905L.M. Jingle promo
13th36876the black box
11th36860WADE snaps
36848Sally posts a Bee to torture L.M.
36847tree pig
9th36830L.M. Pleased to beat you
36820L.M. STDs from jan
8th36814L.M. La Coppa Del Mondo Fifa!!!!!!
36811L.M. perved-out hug
6th36789L.M. calls S.R. a ho
36779L.M. sports crap
5th36765L.M. vs. preview
36763L.M. natureinthegarage promo
4th36760L.M. heart Italy
36747L.M. vs. Cannibals (or not)
3rd36739L.M. vs. Garden
2nd36724L.M. vs. Canada
1st36722L.M. vs. France
36709L.M. Tour crap
June30th36698L.M. Tour de France
29th36686neutrinos kovitz WADE
26th36658zoo walk
23rd36635L.M. vs. Rocco
22nd36607The Networked City
20th36580mods and rockers installation
36578Tyler Clark Burke
19th36567redwing blackbird & grass
15th36513joester movie plotting
13th36484L.M. Harper kitties
6th36410L.M. Cleopatra
36408L.M. packing
5th36402going to London
36401rocket science launch
36399rafting paintings
36395L.M Condoleezza
4th36391L.M. Joint Task Force Two (3)
36384L.M. Joint Task Force Two (2)
3rd36381L.M. Joint Task Force Two
2nd36372L.M. Kinkade 1
36370rafting farewell
36361jaron lanier
May31st36339Ramachandran on speculation
30th36321mr. nobody in japan
25th36252brearton's bike show
36251informational diagrams
22nd36227tree lights
19th36184von bark YYZ fundraiser
15th36138big bang chandelier
13th36111Mods & Rockers 1st report
12th36096mods and rocks on friday
9th36059inky circus
8th36050rob's mods and rockers teaser
4th36011Rebecca Diederichs
3rd36004Simon Faithfull at York Quay Centre
35999colbert bush roast
2nd35995cars 401
1st35986highway wall
27th35929derek city idol
35923birds and trees
25th35879two cyclist memorials
23rd35863live without culture
21st35836cyclists killed by trucks
18th35794Susan Bustos & Amos Latteier
35793Mods & Rockers
35785Ramachandran mirror neurons
14th35746Images gallery tour
35741spadina arrrrrrrg
12th35726Lightning Field
10th35678Baghdad Burning
8th35657deportation protest
7th35644Tom Moody and John Parker Mods and Rockers
5th35618greed pod
4th35606Rhinocerous Eyes
March30th35553neutrino news
29th35544Peggy Gale wins Governor General's Award
27th35522swan sign
35521swans at aylmer
35511bird count
35509south western ontario train trip
24th35487LM Napoleon's tooth
19th35424lee smolin quote
35423Veronica Verkley Rhinocerous Eyes
18th35413Ivor Cutler died
17th35407Harper in Afghanistan
35406Jennifer McMackon on Quantal Strife
15th35364DMG Return Afghanistan
11th35322Luna died
10th35319Jim Munroe Q&A on Quantal Strife
35318cat bird
8th35310Naomi Klein Baghdad Year Zero
35305sheep cliff stills
4th35266morph image
2nd35243Peter Goddard review of Quantal Strife
35230Spacing film night
February26th35193gary kibbins
23rd35174joester review by chris ahsley
20th35135bird map movie
18th35122CPT demo
35119blue ball
14th35081sun plant february
11th35041VICE natives issue
8th35012brain and beans
4th34949quantal strife catalogue
34947life aquatic
2nd34911Finnish artists at InterAccess
1st34888paul butler review by valeria rzianina
January30th34866smolin and linsley at Hubbub
26th34826Quantal Strife launches and NOW review
34779anthony easton's top ten
20th34725kibbins, rat king, yyz activism
34717L.M. google maps
19th34701quantal strife
17th34684art writing notes
34660stallabrass on relational aesthetics
14th34623Mr. Nobody's Top Ten
12th34596LM top ten
34593VB on Bulte
11th34582Tino's Top Ten
34564LM debats des chefs
9th34534LM debate night
8th34525LM leaders and Llama
7th34520L.M. Harper speech
6th34498Olivia Chow NDP
5th34495no top ten
34486women of winter hockey
4th34483Edgar Allan Poe