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archive of posts for the year 2002


December31st20209Breakfast Room
28th20164Robert Boyd - The Virgin Collection
25th20135Jason Little, Adrien Capozzi, Xtreme Houses
19th20060King Kai
20059Chelsea Sux Hard
20048Bead Art - Pokemon, Bruce Lee
18th20032On Web Design: Dirt Style 101
9th19951One Hour Photo: Portrait of an Artist
8th19945Jeremy Rifkin's Hydrogen Economy
1st19698Bedroom Buckyball
November22nd19659Digital Painting Panel at Artists' Space
18th19604Xtreme Houses; Counter-Clock World
16th19589Jeremy Blake in Punch-Drunk Love
13th19566Move to New Server
7th19538Cory Arcangel, Monotrona, Vidgames
1st19502Cain, Feeley, Monotrona, Adrien75 etc
October25th19444Sniper: More Blowback?
24th19432Freight Elevator Project
22nd19412October Exhibition Diary Part 8
19th19395October Exhibition Diary Part 7
18th19388October Exhibition Diary Part 6
17th19383October Exhibition Diary Part 5
19376757, Grave of the Fireflies, etc.
19374October Exhibition Diary Part 4
8th19304jet_seT exhibition
7th19299Calls to Congress Re Iraq
5th19268October Exhibition Diary Part 3
September30th19240October Exhibition Diary Part 2
28th19231October Exhibition Diary Part 1
23rd19206James Hyde in London
13th19154Jimmy Carter's Sweater
3rd19097Josh Marshall--You're No IF Stone
August31st19074Tinkertoy Stealth Fighter
20th19018Giant Alligator Photo
14th18989New Product Piece; Krystal; Paul B. Davis
2nd18867CED Magic; Caspar Stracke
July31st18842Famous Escher Completed!
27th18813Are 'Friends' Electric?
21st18781Additions to Art Archive; Other New Pages
13th18730Think Like Amano
9th18697Shell at mp3.com
18696Product Box paintings
18695Rebekah Cloned
8th18693More on Music vs. Art
7th18644Techno Diary 3; new stuff
6th18631Polygamy Explained
18623Iraq Invasion Plans
4th18619Lovely and Amazing
18618Media Whore: Tapper on Gore
3rd18581Gov. Bush & Harken Energy
June26th18538Minority (Critic's) Report
23rd18516Cory Arcangel
19th18500Techno Diary 2: Recent Comps; Nu-Kozmigroov
6th18386The Stalker Collage: Creepy Clown, Tourist Guy
2nd18349Early Paint Programs
May30th18323lower case sound
28th18312Carl Fudge Transformer Series
18th18202Dario Argento's Inferno
8th18084Spider-Man and Scarecrow
4th18031Gregor Passens/Tom Moody opening
2nd17980Whitney Biennial 2002
17979Cordwainer Smith
April24th17698Nancy Burson
22nd17605Justice Kennedy Saves Kids
18th17491Artwork Archive Updated
11th17283Charles Stagg
March31st16806Anime Diary; Techno Diary
27th16627Tom Moody, Gregor Passens Exhibit - Munich
22nd16523Mark Mellon - The Favor
16522Jessica 12502
11th16057New Additions to Sites
February26th15603Gerhard Richter at MOMA
9th15041Jack Featherly Interview
15039Shell - Alternate CD Cover
7th14980Optical Unconscious; Optopussy
January23rd14365Hayao Miyazaki; Anime
18th14192Diana Kingsley
14191Black Hawk Down
10th13748Jack Featherly, Take One
6th13523Giuliani's Bunker at WTC