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Found a couple of Dopplereffekt YouTube vids on this page: "Scientist" (without vocals) and "Satellites." Lots of grim laboratory visuals in the first one. This is Detroit electro--really great stuff.

- tom moody 11-13-2006 11:29 am [link]

Types of Artists

This list applies to all creative people but is especially geared to visual artists. I wish critics and art historians paid more heed to these distinctions.

1. Only one good piece in them. This type stumbles onto a work of genius despite general artistic inactivity. Provides valid material for shows such as Jim Shaw's "Thrift Store Paintings," as well as Google Images.

2. Comes charging out of school and then disappears. Probably the majority of artists are in this category.

3. Works privately entire life. For example, Henry Darger, a posthumous sensation.

4. Works publicly entire life--badly. Probably the second largest category. It includes: art professors who need a show every year to maintain credibility or academic standing, artists from category 2 who are canonized before they would otherwise disappear, human steamrollers whose egos will not let them be anything less than financially successful, or some combination of the above.

5. Works publicly entire life--well. Probably the smallest category, the self motivated artist who keeps it fresh through good times and bad, gallery and no gallery, and also engages other artists as well as the surrounding culture.

Most artists who read this will say they are in Category 5. This list is aimed not at you so much as the professional trainspotters who never seem to take these differences into account, resulting in bad survey shows and meaningless constructions of art history.

- tom moody 11-13-2006 3:52 am [link]

meatwad 3D

meatwad wildstyle

- tom moody 11-13-2006 12:34 am [link]

Good, clearly laid out survey of the chip music scene by Marcin Ramocki, on the vertexList blog. Originally appeared in Yard magazine, with added photos and links. Sample quote: "Many analogue-heads donít understand the technical concept of making music on Game Boy and confuse it with sampling video-game tunes. This couldnít be less accurate. Working with a Game Boy tracker is a very complex composition process; perhaps much more demanding because of its 'bare bones' sound library and minimal interfacing."

One correction to Ramocki's post should be made: the second of the two "pioneers of chiptune music" he mentions should properly be identified as the BEIGE collective, consisting of Cory Arcangel, Joe Beuckman, Joe Bonn, and Paul B. Davis. See my post on them from '02.

More: Ramocki's post has been updated with an email from Paul B. Davis giving some detail about who did what on the 8 Bit Construction Set record. This is fascinating stuff for those of us who had our worlds rocked by that disc.

Still more: Davis' update, which seems to be undergoing some revision over on the vertexList blog, says that the 8 Bit Construction Set was Paul's band and his its self-titled LP. Not disputing that, but it's certainly news to me. I own the record, and while the copyright is in "Davis and Beuckman Trucking" the band members are all pseudonyms. This led me to describe it as a group effort for the past four years.

Even more thoughts: while I do find the "who did what" breakdown fascinating, I'm going to continue to live with my illusions that this was a group effort, particularly since the LP did an excellent job of mystifying the consumer and not parsing credit. Cory Arcangel has been good over the years about describing his projects as Beige projects. It's not his fault that art world movers and shakers seem incapable of acknowledging communal authorship. The "Great Men" theory of art history has brought the world so much pain. Whether or not it is "Paul's band"--and I'd like to read some other band members' thoughts on that before laying down some journalistic edict--they all deserve props for an epoch-making work.

Final (?) update. Davis says the following in the comments. Since no one else has come forward with any disagreement I extend him belated and heartfelt congrats for his role in a brilliant record:
hiya tom, while i think you misinterpreted my post a bit and don't need an illusion about the group effort on the record, i'll go to my grave--or rather our deitch enterprises tv/vh1 8bit construction set behind the music special--saying its my band cos i write the tunes [and im a bit proud of them].

it's not normally an issue, one of BEIGE's purposes was to avoid these sorts of things and i take the steady art world goofs about cor's individual role in the 8bitcs project and Nintendo stuff with a grain of salt - it's none of our fault that people don't do their research. it's just that I got forwarded two really bad ones in one day [marcin's and francesco spaminato's essay in the "sound & vision" book] and snapped.

btw, i'd like to announce here that a box of mint condition, 8bit construction set records has recently been found [!] in my parent's basement and will be made available to discriminating art-buyers [sic]. seriously if ppl want one drop me an email paul AT beigerecords DOT com, i dont know how yet cos my pops isn't about to mail them out, but at some point i'll sort it.
Davis explained in an email, regarding the earlier wording of the vertexList update: "i wrote the songs myself on the 8bit record [dollars and saucemaster] and as a result cory and i discussed 8bitcs as being 'my band,' but it's definitely not 'my self titled l/p' but 'our self titled l/p' because the record had contributions from everyone." In the email Davis also mentions that he designed the LP cover, which had the "cracker" aesthetic down pat.

8 Bit Construction Set

- tom moody 11-12-2006 10:10 pm [link]

Link dump:

Time on German Rumsfeld prosecution

Koons wins copyright case

Matthew Geller's Awash extended through Dec 24

- tom moody 11-11-2006 7:02 pm [link]

Jesus Camp Digital PogMandala Digital PogDigital Pog - Atom 20
Target Digital PogSequencer Digital PogHusky Digital Pog
Drexciya Digital PogRalph Humphrey Digital PogTarget 2 Digital Pog


- tom moody 11-11-2006 7:59 am [link]

"Psychic Superhighway" [mp3 removed]

I've been wanting to do a longish house thing that you could kind of get lost in. This is that thing. I'm continuing to use the Mutator filter to make the Sidstation more fluid and mooglike. I still need to do some clean-up--there's some hum to get rid of from plugging the Mutator into the wrong outlet.

I also updated "Kay Whole Again," a few posts back, adding a bass line and making it a bit more like this piece.

- tom moody 11-11-2006 12:05 am [link]

Let's watch George Felix Allen insult the opposition's cameraman again. [YouTube] Although intrepid bloggers were quick to define "macaca" as a North African insult, I think Allen was probably telling the truth that he just made up the word on the spot. What's disgusting is the "...or whatever your name is" that follows it, and Allen's smugly superior delivery. This was a genuine blunder, as a huge part of his constituency was from ethnically diverse Northern Virginia. Thanks to YouTube and the Net community, everyone could see this a*hole for what he really is. It's great he lost his campaign for Senator.

- tom moody 11-10-2006 1:01 am [link]