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Just a few more thoughts on this Net Art thing (hey, someone has to do this, if the Times won't).

1. Early Net Art was made by software writers who knew their way around the enabling programs, hence the prevalence of flow charts, clickable steps, etc built into the art. Now, more artists are just working with the tools (image-making, sound-making software) and using the Net as a delivery system. This newer work is less about commenting on, reproducing or "deconstructing" the tools, or the Net itself--although those concerns do (and should) linger, since proprietary programs are controlling and kind of evil.

2. Early Net Art was made in a era of limited bandwidth, hence all the ASCII drawings and text-based art.

3. Bandwidth-hogging current Art on the Net (as opposed to Net Art) is aimed at an "elite net" of broadband users.

4. For a few examples of non/anti/post Net Art please see the links column to the left and my revised BitStreams roster.

- tom moody 4-08-2004 3:28 am [link] [5 comments]