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chloe stage two

Clocked in a solid six hours working in my cubicle today. Did this drawing, Chloe Stage Two (previously described here and slightly reduced in size for the blog), and another one I hope to wrap up on Tuesday.

UPDATE: I knew I was going to do this. I got up this morning and started tweaking this drawing. Above is the current state.

- tom moody 5-16-2005 4:52 am [link]


[via Travis Hallenbeck, who finds great stuff on the net.]

- tom moody 5-14-2005 9:36 pm [link]

"Alpha Romeo" [mp3 removed].

Vermona drm1 mkii

"Alpha Romeo" is not actually made with a Vermona drum machine. It's all soft-synths, but the "kicks" are analog-modeling. I just posted this picture because I think it's beautiful, and kind of fits the vibe of the piece.

- tom moody 5-13-2005 11:07 pm [link]

"There are some who, uh, feel like that, you know, the conditions are such that they can attack us there. My answer is: Bring 'em on. We got the force necessary to deal with the security situation. - George W. Bush, July 2, 2003.

War News for Thursday, May 12, 2005 (from Today in Iraq)

Bring 'em on: Twelve killed in car bomb attack in central Baghdad.

Bring 'em on: Seventeen killed in car bomb attack in Shia market area in Baghdad.

Bring 'em on: Two marines killed and 14 injured in bomb attack near the Syrian border.

Bring 'em on: Iraqi army general assassinated in Baghdad.

Bring 'em on: Iraqi police colonel assassinated in Baghdad.

Bring 'em on: Car bomb kills two in Kirkuk.

Bring 'em on: Two Iraqi civilians injured in car bomb attack on US convoy in Baghdad.

Bring 'em on: Oil infrastructure attacked in Kirkuk.

Bring 'em on: Families flee as attacks on Al Qaim continue.

Bring 'em on: Large explosions heard near Japanese base in Samara.

Bring 'em on: Two Iraqi soldiers killed in attack in Baghdad.

Bring 'em on: Dutch troops involved in firefight in Basra.

Bring 'em on: Two killed and twenty injured in explosion in Umm Qasr.

We marched to prevent this thing, but the "majority" of Americans thought George Bush knew what he was doing (line from Animal House: "You fucked up! You trusted us!"). Another 80 billion dollars of our money was just appropriated by the U.S. Senate by a 100-0 vote (that means including John Kerry), to perpetuate this mess, bringing the total to 300 billion dollars wasted. And over 1600 American lives. Unbelievable. Apparently the news media don't think this is good TV anymore, so we little people are going to have to keep posting reminders, even if it's "boring." Just added Today in Iraq, where the above synopsis was taken, to the links over on the left. Impeach Bush!

- tom moody 5-13-2005 5:12 am [link]

Assuming this isn't a hoax about Susan Sontag writing lyrics for Fischerspooner, it should be noted that the words were a rather pale retread of Fear's "Let's Have a War" ("let's have a war/jack up the Dow Jones...let's have a war/so you can go and die, etc") from 1982 or so. May she rest in peace but this had to be said.

- tom moody 5-12-2005 8:46 pm [link]


- tom moody 5-12-2005 8:12 pm [link]

Another more or less verbatim art world (Williamsburg) conversation, from last weekend.
[Artist A is having an opening. Moody and Artist A discuss Artist A's work at some length, then the subject of "digital art" generally, then the recent Lucas Samaras show, which Artist A didn't see and asks Moody to describe. It is a pleasant enough conversation until Barger walks up.]

Barger: I hope you don't mind if I barge in on your discussion here.

Artist A: Not at all.

Moody: Not at all.

Artist A: He was just telling me about the Lucas Samaras show.

[Moody recaps briefly and finishes the point he was making. Barger stares at Moody with what can only be described as defiant blankness, then turns to Artist A.]

Barger: So, Artist A, I really like the [describes technique] in your prints! It's just great!

[Moody realizes it is, after all, Artist A's opening, and it's never exactly rude to derail a discussion to give the honoree a compliment, so he waits a moment or two until a third person joins the conversation, then exits the group, mainly to get away from Barger.]

- tom moody 5-12-2005 7:13 pm [link]


SCREENFULL is lending a thoughtful hand helping me to put up new drawings in my cube and/or has hijacked my current exhibition space. Thanks, guys.

UPDATE: That's some pretty seamless photoshoppery they're doing. If they decide to turn to the dark side (corporate media) they could be rich and live in that cube thing they're building down on the Lower East side! My own skills don't include being able to turn imagery on a plane so that it's seen at various perspective angles. It's the reverse process of the technology used to "rectify" the Pollock photos so that Pepe Karmel could divine their ultimate secret: that underneath all that messy abstraction lay the all important HUMAN FIGURE!

- tom moody 5-11-2005 10:37 pm [link]