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Spheres on Cancelled Checks

Spheres on Checks, 1994, gouache on 363 cancelled checks, linen tape, 90" x 66"

I had to yawn when I saw that Richard Prince's new paintings incorporated his cancelled checks. From the reproductions I saw, he didn't do anything interesting with them, like paint several hundred spheres on them. This reproduction is pretty grainy; a slightly more detailed version is here.

- tom moody 4-08-2005 5:10 am [link]

There was an error hanging up the XML feed for my page. It's fixed, at least on my end, so the site should be feeding again. Thanks to SCREENFULL for pointing out the error. You guys are doing a fine job over at the eyebeam reBlog.

- tom moody 4-07-2005 10:58 pm [link]

Boy Who Liked Chicken

The Boy Who Liked Chicken, 1990, acrylic on canvas, 9" X 12"

- tom moody 4-07-2005 7:17 pm [link]

Another scrupulous music diary entry. The three tracks I last posted begin and end abruptly so they can be looped. "hiphop_guitar" and "darkest_nerk_scanner" are just fragments, but dense enough to be the seeds of longer songs. Eventually more phrases and instruments will be added but I felt like posting them. "free_alpha" is a complete, albeit completely simple song written for a synth called, um, Free Alpha, that came free with a book I bought on softsynths. I think the sound is ear-tickling gorgeous and I plan on experimenting more with it. Another product from the Linplug company that came with the book is the RM F, which is a rhythm sampler/beatbox thing. I was fooling around with it last night, and got it to play the "Miles Sampler Kit" I downloaded a few months ago from humanworkshop in the Netherlands. Someone sampled drum hits and a bass from an old Miles Davis (electric period?) LP and the RM F plays them like a drum kit. What I did wasn't good enough to post but it's another milestone in my learning process. (For some reason it didn't work in Kontakt; I need to try again.) I used the velocity controller in the sequencer to emphasize certain beats during a fade-in, which sounded kind of cool.

UPDATE: OK, I got the Miles Kit fired up in Kontakt (a software sampler) and wrote a little tune for the dead guy to play. I feel like Herbert West, Reanimator--except the tune isn't all that lively.

Miles Kit Experiment [mp3 removed]

UPDATE 2: This is the "free_alpha" bass line with a new lead--a really sweet Sid patch called "inshore":

"Alpha Inshore" [mp3 removed]

- tom moody 4-07-2005 2:27 am [link]

Okay, big props to Bill for guest-posting today. Definitely check out that "America heals" video he, I mean I posted on his page. It's funny and all because it's over the top kitsch but it makes me angry because I feel the whole red state response to 9/11 was so orchestrated by the media. (No offense to my friends in those states, I'm speaking of the monkeymass who supported the Iraq war.) 9/11 wasn't a war, it was a terrorist act by individuals, and everybody got all jacked up into Pearl Harbor mode. Pearl Harbor the movie flopped but this made the entertainment industry (including news outlets) quite a few bucks. Dave contrasts that schmaltzy video with Matt Freedman's twin towers pieces I just posted, cheekily suggesting that it's the former, not the latter, that will communicate the agony of the day to the greatest number, but I think the "crusty, unempathetic" New York art world has as much claim on the day--no, more--because they live here and went through it, as opposed to the millions who experienced it vicariously on the boob tube and then went into bombadier mode.

- tom moody 4-07-2005 1:54 am [link]

LA Drunk Tank, 1955
--bill schwarz

- tom moody 4-06-2005 10:26 pm [link]

I'm supposed to be guest-posting for Tom today but he laid down so many rules for his page I kind of don't feel comfortable saying much. I predict much of the action will be on my page where Tom is posting as me, I mean, guest blogging for me in a reciprocal arrangement. Please check out this post-9/11 red state inspirational music video, it's way better than the arty stuff I, I mean, Tom posts. And scroll down to see what Tom, I mean I, and others have to say about it. Abraham Kalashnikov's reading is especially good. --bill schwarz

- tom moody 4-06-2005 9:55 pm [link]

This song was popular in 1972 (at least on FM, "underground" radio--I was thinking it was Cheech and Chong but it was David Peel). It's all this page has to contribute by way of commenting on what is surely the Most Momentous News Story of Our Age, the passing of you know who:

The Pope Smokes Dope
David Peel and The Lower East Side

The pope smokes dope, God gave him the grass
The pope smokes dope, he likes to smoke in mass
The pope smokes dope, he's a groovy head
The pope smokes dope, the pope smokes dope
(oh yeah! 3x)


God is high on mescaline, Satan's high on smack
Popes in Rome get stoned on grass, Jesus freaks are back
Jesus Christ a super-hippie never shoot up junk
Popes in Rome get stoned alone, priests, in church get drunk


Now Jack 'n' Jill went up the hill, to fetch a pail of water
Jill forgot to take her pill, now she's got a daughter
Taking pills is not a joke for a groovy Pope
Birth control can be a toke of marijuana smoke


The pope is getting higher (re: higher! higher! - 4x)


Cha! Cha! Cha!

- tom moody 4-06-2005 11:26 am [link]