the next best thing to the cat psychic, and she's right here in nyc. rex's troubles may soon be over.
Roman Polanski's first feature Knife in the Water (1962) -- a neat love triangle -- is playing tomorrow May 4th in Brooklyn to inaugurate the Cinema Warsaw (Greenpoint). No online address but mentioned in today's NY Post.
Outside of his own domicile I wonder what will be the first piece of art Jim recognizes as such on this his birthday?
Me? I'm just curious what Jim's going to eat on his birthday.
Happy Birthday Jim, Right?
While doing my usual trolling for Syria, Lebanon, Hezbollah and Hizbulla in, I came across an interesting article. And then it disappeared. But I managed to catch the full text of the original before it vanished.

Friday afternoon: UPI -- Rice blocked plan for raids on Syria
Fiday 7:54 PM: UPI -- Rice actions on Syria disputed
New York Times WD-50 review.

Kind of short? Or does it just seem that way on line? Obviously Grimes likes it.

(you can use fmhreader/fmhreader to sign into the Times)
Eating by Numbers 2003 Top 5

Grand Sichuan Midtown 8 Visits
WD50 5 Visits
66 4 Visits
Wash Park 4 Visits
Minnow 3 Visits
Usually I say only good things, but my lunch few days ago at Markt (great beer) was terrible and made me very pro flow.......last night at Mermaid Inn, couple yummy things, the rest very standard, will not give it a 2nd try......The Minnow in Brooklyn keeps me coming back, on Monday I did the $25 food and wine special, what a deal!!
so far i have kept one of my New Years resolutions, I have not been to Lupa all year yet.....
Did the "66 / WD50 Doubleheader" again last nite.....this time the Chefs from Kai were dining at WD50 so my 3 fav spots were covered.....also we were not the only one's whom went to 66 and WD50 last nite, we saw a lady eating at WD50 that was at 66 (ok she was only having drinks at 66).....p.s. best $80 wine buy in the city is at WD50 with the 1993 Mascarello Monprivato, please drink it and help support traditional Barolo!!, NO BARRIQUE!!....
The new cold carrot (ginger, cucumber, pistachio) soup at Alias is possibly the best soup I've ever had.
is that really wylie getting a little prickly on lockhart steeles site? can anyone confirm that email address? if so, i would like a gooseberry tart too.
At Gabrielle, a small quiet spot in Mid-City NOLA, had smoked chicken gumbo, specifically to compare it with my own creation, which is not bad.

However it's clear I didn't know the meaning of smoked chicken. I tried making do with some wood chips in a propane grill at low heat. Theirs carried a strong, smokey, woody flavor that permeated the gumbo. Perhaps I should bring a proper smoker back to CA from LA on my next trip.

They also schooled me on roux. I've made roux only a few times, and go medium dark, being somewhat timid about ruining it. The deep, toasty flavor of their gumbo was the sign of a steady hand on the whisk.

Keeping with the local theme, I had redfish with a crawfish etouffe. The fish was fresh and cooked over a very hot grill after being coated with an excellent mixture of spices. It wasn't overly hot, just intense. The etouffe was light and flavorful. Perhaps the best I've had.

D had eggplant, lightly battered, fried, and served with a roasted red pepper sauce. It was inventive veggie fare with a French touch to the balance of flavors in the sauce.

Next time, I'm trying the rabbit. But the duck with wild mushrooms looked interesting too.
cahiers du cinemas 10 best movies of the year (1951 -2001)
i just added a portal page. if anyone has additions, id be happy to include them.
had to clip this one from gawker stalker --

Sunday afternoon, Paul Simon and Lorne Michaels walking together in Central Park, listening to the annoying 'Guitar Man from Central Park' peform Simon's own 'Homeward Bound.'
warblogs being covered on newshour, ch 13
another one of the guys i play soccer with when i get my lazy ass out of bed owns a gallery. apparently its quite successful.
The rock at the root of the tree.
WFMU 91.1 fm, 90.1fm Rocket From the Tombs June 10th 3-6pm Brian Turner's show

Only recently have legit recordings surfaced from this legendary Cleveland 70s proto-punk gang, and 27 years after they broke up, they're in the WFMU studios playing live yet again. They're not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but they're responsible for undeniable punk classics like "Sonic Reducer", "30 Seconds Over Tokyo" and "Ain't It Fun" (covered by Guns and Roses for crying out loud). Richard Lloyd of Television takes over guitar duties for the late Peter Laughner, and David Thomas (visionary of Pere Ubu among other things), Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys), Steve Mehlman and Craig Bell are all in the WFMU studio today, fresh from a jawdropping appearance at Thomas's Disastodrome fest in L.A. Holy hell.
At Bacco in NOLA had swordfish, most tasty, tasted black truffle fettuccine, yum, and sampled shrimp and lobster ravioli, not my favorite, it seemed over-flavored and of questionable texture. Wine was Opus 1 (?) California (?), whatever, it was favorable to my senses. Room is nice, good ceilings, but noisy, wait staff is attentive but slightly android-ish.
Le Bernardin was never on my radar, first I was too poor than too gruffey for stuffy, well a suprise lunch there the other day was quite nice, I will not go back but the food was while not challenging was very clean and flavorful...2*
Classic comics covers. (via robotwisdom)
In case you missed it.