Mr. Wilson, is this for real?
The Drug Years on VH1.
Big brother:
Here's the point. For over a year, Microsoft has planted a program on every modern Windows-powered PC that reported home every day. They don't have an intelligent reason, never mind a good one, for this move. And, they never told anyone that they were doing this.

I guess it must do a darn good job of hiding itself from firewalls and network monitoring tools too since we've only now found out this daily checkup call after tens of millions of PCs have been phoning in for almost a year.

Maybe you can trust your computer, your livelihood, your home finances, your kids' games, everything you do online, to a company that would do that, but you can count me out.
Watching John Fogerty on Public 21 back with the Creedence catalog, then I realize I’m missing Amazon Adventures on History Channel featuring ethnobotanical pioneer Richard Evans Schultes… gotta check the rerun…
There are two excellent online pieces that anyone trying to make sense of our current political situation should read and study:

Robert Kennedy Jr.'s massively detailed (204 footnotes!) expose of 2004 voter fraud in Ohio published in Rolling Stone: olen

U of Michigan Economist Dean Baker's free online e-book "The Conservative Nanny State," which explains the major economic issues of our day in layman's language and makes the argument that far from being "free-marketeers" today's so-called "conservatives" are really corporate welfare queens who demand and benefit from government intervention into markets. For those of us who never got past Econ 101, this is the best explanation I know of of how such things as The Fed, free trade agreements, and immigration policy work---and work to benefit top-heavy CEO-dominated corporations.

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Get your Jackson Pollock on.
just reviewing my fresh direct order prior to its arrival. they send an itemized bill once its on its way. one item stood out -- five dollars for two red beets. at 1.49 a pound thats 3.41 pounds for two freakin' beets. sounds like someones thumb was on the scale or theyre growing beets the size of watermelon, one of which is itself on the way. uncharacteristically, however, i stopped by the farmers market in union square, and guess what i bought, white beets, and beet greens, along with spinach and dill. and i also ordered some golden beets from fresh direct. so its three beet salad for the rest of the week and watermelon smoothies.
ny cheesefreaks
qu'est qu'il y a de neuf?
rip cartoonist alex toth / father of space ghost
Although Coulter also criticized 9-11 widows for "cutting commercials" for Sen. John F. Kerry (D-MA) during his 2004 presidential campaign against Bush, Lauer failed to note that other 9-11 widows made campaign appearances for Bush. As Newsday reported September 25, 2004:

[A]t the Republican National Convention, Debra Burlingame, whose brother piloted the American Airlines flight that crashed into the Pentagon, was one of three women who spoke in highly personal terms of their loss. She told the Associated Press yesterday she, too, was willing to make campaign appearances for Bush to outline her differences with the pro-Kerry families. "They want people fired, and I think we've moved on from that," she said."
net neutrality
in case you're buying a dell in ireland, keep in mind that the euro dell web site if fuckall slow
vince welnick suicide.
soda play
We're house sitting in a place with a few extra bedrooms, Pablo Helguera and co. are great houseguests.

AP article

The School of Panamerican Unrest La Escuela Panamericana Del Desasoseigo

Put them up if they're in your town or join them, drivers wanted.
dont mention the war: " I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it all right"
freedom to fascism
spelling b on abc vs bangladesh on pbs wliw21 now! and dave the spaz on 91.1 fmu.
Painted Rooms
He doesn't live here anymore
Prefab Sprouts
NYC in 2016.
highbrow art
endless love