Rumors / dreams / fantasies of Google buying Sprint for their WiMax network. It does make a lot of sense.
we're watching et tonight with ryley and their suburban neighborhood reminds me of agrestic from weeds.
Just back from the John Baldessari and Alejanndro Cesarco talk at Murray Guy. They were the visual arts mentor / protege pairing in the Rolex program this past year. Baldessari seems like a really nice and very smart guy. I'll bet he's an excellent teacher. And probably really fun to hang out with. I'm jealous.

There was also an exhibit of a collaboration between the two artists showing at the same time. I really like the work. You can read a blurb here and see one of the twelve images (although because of the way Murray Guy did their website this won't be a permanent URL! Hello?)
whats a good brand or online source for restaurant grade china plates. 14"? anyone?
Dolby to Buy Sweden's Coding Tech -- Makes sense for Dolby, but reduces the number of supplies of audio encoder/decoder technology. Dolby has traditionally focused on proprietary technology, while Coding has focused on industry standards (e.g. MP3, aacPlus).
Outstanding dinner tonight at Toro Bravo
05 vina Gormaz
brussel Sprouts
chorizo & canchego (with sherry jelly, tasty)
eggplant (with lamb, this stuff is like crack)
fried anchovies ( with fried lemons and fennel, awsome)
olive oil cake (with huckleberrys)
squash dumplings (with lamb, best dish of the meal)
terrine (rabbit pate with greens)
lustau, dry oloroso
trivia question. what is the oldest continously published magazine in america?
Escoffier and umami -- artists got there first.
NPR announces a new music site:
Today, NPR and twelve (12) public radio partners are launching NPR Music, a free, multi-genre Web site that presents the best of public radio music. We have also launched a new Flash-based media player across
The site is here.
Rebel, Disgraced, Tries to Pull Off Rebound (from todays NYTimes)

((wow i didnt know))
NYTimes: Chefs as Chemists. Wylie, Wylie, Wylie...
There are two Israels: one inside the Green Line, the 1967 border, the other an occupying power extending beyond it. The first is a vibrant democracy, with Arab members of Parliament, university professors and lawyers, beauty queens and soldiers, and even a Muslim cabinet minister. There are no separate roads for Arabs and Jews in the name of that all-purpose explanation “security,” no villages made inaccessible because their roads have been dug up by army bulldozers, no checkpoints and no security fence cleaving farmers from their land and schoolchildren from their playgrounds.

Across the Green Line, the West Bank, captured in 1967, is another country, neither Israel nor Palestine, but a lawless place, where the Jewish settler, rifle in one hand and prayer book in the other, is undisputed king. The settlers have their own roads, guarded by the Israeli Army, water, electricity, supplies and — occasional if well-publicized crackdowns aside — substantial impunity from the law. Much of the land on which their settlements stand, was, as Idith Zertal and Akiva Eldar detail in this important book, simply stolen. The settlements are illegal, in contravention of Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which forbids an occupying power from transferring its civilian population to occupied territories. But for those who claim a divine mandate, the Geneva Conventions count for nothing. According to the United Nations, more than a third of the West Bank is now off limits to Palestinians. A web of Israeli Army checkpoints and obstacles further atomizes what is left of Palestinian society.

“Lords of the Land” is the first complete history of the settlement project. It provides a detailed narrative of injustice, and is profoundly depressing for anyone still hoping for a fair resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or even hoping that Jews and Arabs will be seen as equal in the eyes of Israeli law. In a chapter entitled “Everything Is Legal in the Land of Israel” Zertal and Eldar chronicle the paltry punishments given to settlers who kill Arabs, like the settlement leader Pinchas Wallerstein, who in 1988 shot two young Arabs in the back after he saw them burning a tire on the road. One died. Wallerstein was sentenced to four months community service.
eldar interviewed by lopate on wnyc
We are pleased to announce that WFMU's live streams are finally available on the iPhone. iPhone listeners can point their browsers at and listen to our live mp3 streams at either 128k or 32k and also choose from a selection of our archived content and podcasts.

Based on our initial testing it will come as no surprise that tuning in over Wifi will get you the best results however we've also had reports of listeners with strong EDGE reception tuning in at 128k without issue. Since the Quicktime player in the iPhone has somewhat poor buffering compared with thick client-side players like Winamp and iTunes, we recommend listening to the 32k stream while connected over EDGE.

For the time being we are only offering a small subset of our archived content and podcasts on the iPhone but will be adding more content as time goes by.
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Pork tartare??....nope.....

Chicken tartare??.....not sure its for me but yes its available...

I love Japanese food and sake, I have a stable of places I go to when I am entertaining customers, some of which I recomand to rav's or boo's. I feel you need to understand the food on more than straight taste, its texture, presentation and more. My passion began with the man whom got me off pure veggie living, Wyle D. He used to show me these Japanese mag's he would buy in like midtown, he called "food porno".

As many know the Japanese have come to town, and it keeps growing, Kai was an old haunt of mine, Sugiyama is the oldest I know of, have not been to both in a while but they rocked. I love the little places and the noodle joints, but one of my fav's is Aburiya Kinnosuke (of course not every dish pleases me, but its on my top 10, year after year).

They opened first Yakitori Totto (2004, smartly above Sugiyama). Yakitori is grilled chicken, street food. Here served are breeds of Japanese chickens, breed upstate. And all the chicken is done medium rare, unless you gringo on them. And when they opened the served chicken sashimi, but rumor is you can only get this at the newer Yakitori Torys (their 3rd restaurant). Both have plenty of pure Japanese food too but chicken (every part) is king.

Going tommorow after Bar Masa (best veggie/vegan snacking in NYC), I dont think I will be doing medium rare but I bet my guests will....
SOS CHEFS of New York
104 Avenue B
New York, NY 10009

from NYT listing of Ducasse suppliers of mushrooms (porcini)
toilet flushing cat - its a compulsion
two lane blacktop
there was a point in the mid to late 60's that you had to have a peanuts sweatshirt. it was a major pop clothes item at my school in miami. i forgot which character i had but eventually i cut off the arms so that it would be sleeveless and or sported inside out with the worn nappy fleece on the outside.
You're a Complicated Man, Charlie Brown
At its peak, over 350 million people around the world read "Peanuts" every day. Its creator, Charles Schulz, led a much darker life than anyone realized, and he put his troubles into the funny pages every day. Kurt talks with biographer David Michaelis about how America’s most beloved comic strip made "depressed" a household word.
eating your way through the hill country
a good wine movie : the secret of sant vittoria on tcm now
For modular furniture fans, I've been buying stuff from Per Madsen (a local supplier) since the 80's (starting with shelving for vinyl sound recording disks). I just took delivery on some file cabinets. Key factors for me: sturdy, wood, & wheels!
Liver Flush 4......

I am hoping this last flush of 07, is the best (planned for this monday, now its the vegan/apple juice prep 6 days). Sadly my colonic lady is on vacation so I had to go upmarket and make a rez in NYC . She does the famous coffee implant so I guess the over 60% extra $$ has some gain. The coffee is supposed to draw the toxins out, so that + my new planned method (fasting the whole day before the + oral enema in the AM) is gonna leave me skweeky clean.....

Looking forward to 2008: Even more challenging that the Flush's and Master Cleanses, I plan to cut my apox 400 bottle annual wine consumption in 1/2 to ~200.....My body (and mind) is telling me to do it. This is gonna be VERY hard........
Riverbend: Bloggers Without Borders...
Looks like the Google phone is really a Google phone operating system as many people expected.
Most major handset makers, with the exception of Nokia (NOK), have devices with Google Mobile OS under development; Samsung and Motorola (MOT) are being linked to it as well. (as are HTC and LG Electronics, according to the Journal.)
It's linux running an optimized version of java.

This is great. I doubt Apple is scared, but at least this should give them some healthy competition (and they might be a little bit scared.)
halloween moon

digitalmediatree logo