Sushi UO is grand cru....
We asked for $100 in food, so $180 tax & tip w/ beers....
Lots of food, all great, not too much food but deff full belly of mostly raw food, the cooked dishes were super too (soup of japanese spinish and a stuffed lightly cooked squid rocked)....
carrots and beets
Jim's day-long birthday feast:
3 1/2 hour lunch at 11 Madison
1 dollar Oysters (a lot of them) at Ten Bells
blue stork

via ree
james beard foundation tweets winners.
any one know about boxee?
Marea’s new Sunday afternoon menu, which includes a dish of poached eggs, crab, sea urchin zabaglione and caviar atop brioche (zagat buzz)
ev lobster roll
Awesome bike, via reddit.

$50 lawrence wiener
food art after party
on now: my lai on american experience
Scroll down to witness the awesomeness of geocities-izer and blingee in action together.
single malt avoid list

cooking w/ kentucky bourbon
Its all ways great to me but current works up at The Rubin Museum are the bestest best imho.....

Great floor titled "Remember You Too Shall Die", another floor has Bohme and Welling books, juicy one's w/ the amazing hand painted illustrations.

Also its free from Fridays 7-10pm.
For the parents out there, this looks fun:
Socrates Sculpture Park and The Noguchi Museum present...

Seventh Annual Kite Making Workshop
Sunday, April 25, 2010 / 11AM-2PM
Free! / Rain or Shine

This free hands-on workshop will take place at Socrates Sculpture Park and welcomes children of all ages to build and decorate a kite out of recycled materials, and then fly it in the park. Advance registration is not required, but space is limited, so come early! The workshop is free and all materials and supplies will be provided.

Socrates Sculpture Park is open 365 days a year from 10am to sunset and is located at the intersection of Broadway and Vernon Boulevard in Long Island City.
By subway, take the N train to Broadway (Queens). Walk 8 blocks west on Broadway to the intersection of Vernon Boulevard.
gross. especially the bacon spouse.
patricia t oconnor said bird songs changed over time (less than 100 years i believe). she cited the thrush. this is all i could find that relates to her statement.
elias corner
nasa images of the volcanic ash cloud
Wine: Natural isn't perfect

By Dave McIntyre
Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wine is not immune to political correctness or polemics. (Readers who merely desire a simple glass of fermented grape juice to enjoy with dinner might want to turn to the editorial page now.) The latest battlefront in wine is whether that juice you're drinking is "natural.

The natural-wine movement has been sweeping France for a few years now, with stylishly dressed millennials in trendy wine bars in affluent urban neighborhoods celebrating the peasant vignerons who defy globalization in defense of terroir.
duck tongue
Oped out
Had a long conversation with a former co-worker who has turned conservative. Stayed away from politics, but at some point he started ranting about socialists. I told him that by current standards Nixon and Reagan would be considered socialists. I may have been pushing the envelope with Reagan, but certainly he espoused policies that would be anathema to the Tea Baggers: cut-and-run in the face of Arab insurgents, reduce nuclear weapons, etc. In any case, we didn't get to the fine points, as the response was spittle-flecked screaming.

Fox News causes brain damage.