collection of folk art walking sticks / slide show
(harking back to an earlier discussion of carved baseball bats)
Sometimes a great notion

Kesey story set in Oregon with Paul Newman and Henry Fonda as the patriarch of a maverick logging family. Suitably weird as you might imagine. From 1970, smack dab in the middle of my golden age of cinema 1968 - 1972. Dandy Newman sports matching white Levis jeans and jacket. Music soundtrack, period vehicles and work shirts co-star. Note upbeat bluegrass ending lifted from westerns.
Mehdi Kabbaj, owner of my favorite clothing store 20 Peacocks (20 Clinton St.), was struck by a minivan and died after exiting a cab stuck in traffic on the FDR and attempting to cross the southbound lanes on foot.
it had to happen sooner or later. the internet has run out of things to talk about.
See what people are saying about the weather in New York.
Sustainable sourcing here

I don't know this company, it was an advertisement on my fb page. But the offerings look interesting.
surfing incredibly terrifying waves
Forrest bess here.
Coffee home roasting here

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File under junkie jail letters:

this gnarley letter showed up on the Herbert huncke fb page if your a member see it here. it is a letter from (I'm unable to find any reference of online) Jimmy porter to bill heine (who has a page here.)

there is mention of a Janine both in the letter and in the heine links leading me to believe it's Janine pommy vega who has interesting material on YouTube. Mary Mary, who knows.
Bye bye blackbird here
Just finished episode three of Mildred Pierce, really liking it.
Just finished season three, the final, of In Treatment. I think the ending was exceptionally good. One of my favorite shows.
Ducroz here
chelsea green tv here
chicken backyard basics here looks like one's gonna have to save up to rock on the Tesla S
Edgar Oliver interview here
Artists insults here

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Congo chicken (w peanut butter) here
To the family
via chuck on fb santa is a wildman.
louis ck
Rejected from Sundance and Berlin but imdb did bestow us a page so I guess that's something.
New species of lizard found in Vietnam - on restaurant menu

By Rob Waugh

An entirely new species of lizard was found by accident by researchers in Vietnam - who happened to spot the creature on a restaurant menu.

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My friend Ed is setting up a craft brewery in bangalore and now blogging about it. here