grandpa models teen wear. "i'm old and just want to be happy."

the eye
jj abrams' fringe is wrapping up it run on fox with a 13 episode season but if you missed it the first time it is being rebroadcast from the beginning on the science channel. first episode airs tonight .
freight container condos in detroit.
indoor clouds
southern cities for obama
ice moon

found these guys in a thread of an article about why snl needs more pre-shot material.

not amused

a little past its expiration date as a meme but its good to see obama enjoying this post election season before he lets us down again.


scorsese turns 70 today.



Aretha Franklin rehearses steps with the legendary dancer and choreographer Charles “Cholly” Atkins at a dance studio in 1961. Mr. Atkins (1913-2003) created the iconic dance moves of The Temptations, Gladys Knight and the Pips and The Supremes’s famous “Stop! In the Name of Love” hand movement. The Alabama-born Mr. Atkins began his career as a vaudeville performer and was one half of the legendary dance duo Coles and Atkins with Honi Coles. In 1988, he shared a Tony Awards for choreographing the Broadway show, “Black and Blue.” Photo: Frank Driggs Collection/Getty Images.

hostess is the leastess.
my toilet has been broken for about a month and ive been manually flushing it with water from the tub. it took the 80 year old plumber about 8 hours of toil before he realized the tank had a crack in it and another three weeks for him or the landlord to do anything about it. so he came by today to take the tank to a store about half a mile away to get a replacement. the tank is not exactly light and considering he asked me to help him move the top of the tank a few weeks ago i assumed he would need help with the much heavier tank. so i offered but he repeatedly refused to accept my help although i did persuade him to let me carry it downstairs. god help him if he doesnt get a cab. meanwhile jewy mclandlord ask in all seriousness if instead of replacing the tank i could only fill it half way which wouldnt even solve the problem as the crack goes all the way to the bottom. this is maybe a hundred dollar part and the work is free as the plumber lives in the building at well below market value. im really starting to think hitler was on to something.
Marvin Aufrichtig's Brooklyn
White Castle stuffing. It's a thing, I guess.
Fuck yeah, mergansers.
PBS Nature does ducks, tonight at 8:00.
neuron paintings

im casting the gummer girls (meryl streeps daughters) for an american downton abbey. jazz age hamptons? gilded age newport?

via erin, hysterical review of some awful new place in times square
I watched this last night. Park Ave $