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Pr0hibition K1t

i have to assume thats a tear not a feature but who can say.

obviously i have no idea how to measure the quality but it seems like galleries are sprouting up like weeds on the lower east side in the last two or three years.
hilma aft klint

snow removal, 1896

snow removal

silicon valley
ladies and gentlemen, cascadian radical psychotherapist andrew feldmar

GWB can't wash the stink off.
What's that you're worried about getting caught? It won't happen. Think about the complexity of our operation. We are organized in Singapore, I flew from Budapest, the match is in Finland, we're wagering in the Philippines using masked computer clusters from Bangkok to Jakarta. Our communications are refracted across so many cell networks and satellites that they're almost impossible to unravel. The money will move electronically, incomprehensibly, through a hundred different nowheres. No legal system was set up to handle this kind of global intricacy. The number of intersecting jurisdictions alone is dizzying. Who's going to spot the crime? Small-town police in Finland? A regulator in Beijing? Each of them will only see one tiny part of it. How would they ever know to talk to each other? Dan Tan has friends in high places; extradition requests can find themselves bogged down in paperwork. Witnesses can disappear. I promise; you'll be safe. Who can prove you didn't see a penalty? We're fine.
anybody watching the netflix original show, house of cards? id post a review but they all give plot points away. i cant compare it to the west wing because i never watched it but its light years better than the newsroom. one comment that i thought was true was that since netflix released them all at once, the creators didnt have to be constrained by the need to string viewers along with cliffhanger episodes and plot twist, and could develop the story with a more natural pacing. so im eight episodes in to the thirteen and its been mostly character development along with world building though i read that the last third of the season it becomes more of a political thriller. i dont know if the networks passed on this or the creators want ed more freedom (or got more money) but considering the tripe they normally feed the masses it looks like they blew it again.
I wasted a ton of $$ taking taxi's this year
im against the naming of winter storms; im really against the naming of winter storms after disney movies. isnt calling something the blizzard of... enough? and another thing... (expletive laden punchline expunged)

Saturday, February 9 at 9:30PM (ET/PT) Science Channel

Death & Taxidermy

Edgar shares: an eccentric fellow who has let the skeletons out of his closet and into his abode. Behind stained glass windows, he rescues specimens left for dead to live an afterlife in his home. Then, an intriguing young lady harvests highways for her reanimating pleasure. She resurrects the childhood pastime of collecting stuffed animals, but with a very deadly twist. Later, a man who has made his house a shrine to the labors of a deceased genius, conjures ghostly harmonies from restored phonographs numbering in the thousands.
crazy maze
Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker Saves Woman From Raving Racist, Gives Best Interview Ever

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