Klown / the Swedish Larry David
grand design / BBC house Reno on a big scale. 10 seasons of this stuff / castles, follies, barn conversions ruins, etc etc... / memorable quote: do you wish you had enlisted an architect at this point in the project? / one project per 50 min. episode. Recommended ! Find eM on you tube
Luxury taxi of Portland to use tesla model s vehicles
Luxury taxi of Portland to use tesla vehicles

crowdsourcing is for the birds, or so says this nytimes pun.

oaf! just watched the last episode of orange is the new black last night. not how i wanted it to finish up. i assume a second season is coming eventually. 


RR estate trouble
the las Vegas tapes
Sponge park plans for Gowanus canal
noctilucent clouds

Scotland 8/19/13
blue moon
bucket brigade

muscle shoals doc

You have seen heavy metal parking lot, perhaps even neil diamond parking lot. the parking lot movie. recommended.

what the heck?! 

the rise of self taught

Mel Brooks: The Playboy Interview (February, 1975)

Jasper Johns’s Studio Assistant Arrested for Secretly Selling Work

History of the world.

cinemax (which is owned by hbo) will air a period drama produced by steven soderbergh and starring clive owen. i mention this only because they were location scouting on my block and i saw them chatting up my landlord as i came in earlier. doubt we will end up a location though as this building is more inclined towards the middle ages though they might find some clothing in the basement thats appropriate to the turn of the 20th century. 

the usa soccer team or usmnt had a pretty convincing win against bosnia-herzegovinia in a friendly this afternoon with two of its top players, landon donovan and clint dempsey sitting this one out. admittedly, the us was down 2-0 at half time, before bosnia, who are currently ranked 14th in the world, made four substitutions, but all of the goals scored by the us in the second half were pretty impressive which ought to count for something.

american striker jozy altidore had an outstanding game scoring three along with an assist on the other as the us prevailed 4-3. altidore has scored in the last five matches and looks like he might finally be a goal scorer up front for america that is living up to his potential. he had scored 51 goals in 93 games for his club in the netherlands over the last two seasons and was just bought by (as they say) a mid-table club (sunderland) in the english premier league. (sunderland is owned by some sketcky american hedge fund manager and the head coach is an italian with some questionable ties to fascism.) so it will be interesting to see how he fares this season in england amid the increased quality of play, and whether he can maintain his form heading into the world cup next summer. 

this was the 12th win in a row for the national team and the first time theyve come from behind to win a game played in europe. ever. not much is expected of the us in brasil next summer but if they are lucky to draw a weak group then possibly they can make it out of the group stage as the two top teams from each group advance to the knockout round consisting of 16 teams. to expect anything more is pretty foolish considering how poor they looked prior to their recent bout of success and the lack of any truly standout players. but at least they have the opportunity not to be an embarrassment. 

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