one negotiation.

cant recall where i first saw these but it is movie criticism in the guise of hulk though only minimally. mostly its akin to sitting in on a class in film theory. 

Cbgb. The reviews are coming in and the comments follow
the three sisters plus one
Wendell berry and the farmers market

paper girl

Augustin Lesage

perhaps not so surprisingly, churches offer gluten free wafers for communion in portland. at least they do at the lutheran church i went to for a memorial service last week. i remained seated through the bread and wine portion of events, so i can't vouch for it's tastiness, but i suppose that's not the point. 

scanomat top brewer

Cuisine and SCIENCE!

Hey, Fisherman Jim, I heard about your fishing. I'll have you know you're not the only one.

Joshua Smith: Josh Smith

can someone tell me about john the baptist? alex? 

corn smut

The Mexican truffle!

knights vs snails

Calder mod !!!!!!!!
recreations of family photos
heady topper

scored 100 of 100
oct 2 national kale day
black midi

via BT FMU
auto brewery