watching time team on acorn

time to step it up, lucas.
Mississippi delta tamales

"ADAM MAGYAR IS A computer geek, a college dropout, a self-taught photographer, a high-tech Rube Goldberg, a world traveler, and a conceptual artist of growing global acclaim...."

RIP Portlandia?

Hilarious comments to this oregonian piece on a small herd of urban goats needing s new home asap. 

RIP Grays Papaya 6th ave / 8th St
the New Jersey F you.
over the edge

six years, 201 countries, no planes. wow

Anybody got any idea how one could get a large amt of octopus ink.....? Bill?


846 film critics top 10

1968 Tolkien documentary
winter schedule

Look what the New Year's Serpent brought me:

Snowy Owl at Calvert Vaux Park, Brooklyn 1/1/14


feel like something like this has been posted before but.... turns out im from new york city after all.

Intelligent Plants
Free Hunter S Thompson!