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Polychrome in the Sixties: David Smith and Anthony Caro (932KB, 14pp.) 
Sarah Hamill

seymour hersh questions official story about bin laden whereabouts and raid.

Chris Burden RIP

been kind of avoiding the kurt cobain doc, montage of heck, on a loop on hbo this month. but got sucked into it tonight. really well done. combines interviews with home videos growing up and early clubs gigs while animating drawing and doodles from his copious notebooks and bits of himself that he had tape recorded as a youth. and theres other elements of the bricolage like reenactments and sort of stream of consciousness video montages. worth a few minutes at the very least.

Just binge watched two episodes of Grace and Frankie. Well it felt  like a binge. Will continue later.

momofuku pork buns

vanishing Bowery

6 hours in SF for biz the other day and we needed lunch....

We were told to go to Burma Superstar......and it was just that!!

Fermented tea leave salad (below) was a hit, other stuff was too, pitcher of Burma Cooler is the way to go, lemon's, ginger, draft beer

bill simmons and espn are getting a divorce.



love his facial expression

mmmm, popovers.

have no idea if this is any good but it will be the first german language drama to air on us tv. its a cold war spy drama called deutschland 83 that will run on sundance channel starting in june.

more than you needed to know about the champions league final four which starts tomorrow. the first leg of the undercard juventus v real madrid starts at 245 while the main event between barcelona and bayern munich has the same start time on wednesday.

looks to be an interesting multi-arts festival in detroit.

really enjoyed the magnus nilsson episode of the chef's table docu-series on netflix. he runs faviken in the middle of nowhere sweden. dishes on the menu include warm marrowbone which is extracted from a cow's shinbone using a two-man saw in the middle of the dining room itself.

also good was the first one, on massimo bottura.

Big sports day.

lets do the numbers


wow. just flicked on an nba playoff game for the last 20 seconds. final score 120 - 66. thats like a blow out high school game. third largest playoff point differential.

i made the unfortunate error of being kind today. someones mail has been forwarded to my box for the last couple of days and i was able to track them down via google and twitter. now im sitting around waiting for a text and then ill have to deal with talking to someone for upwards to two minutes. that she is an attractive brasilian born actress only makes it more of an inconvenience. thankfully her imdb page only has one notable listing and that was as eye candy for a scene in an iron man movie. but really the worst part is that her spelling is atrocious which i guess can be forgiven considering her backround but misspelling instagram in your twitter header is just flat out negligent.

biggies permit

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old timey southern pimento spread 
via adman

so experiencing some sort of aura at the moment. not nearly as vivid as the picture but im glad i was able to quickly identify it. it has mostly dissipated now but was a little discomfiting for about 15 minutes.