canceled or cancelled?

i tend towards the latter. america has been trending towards the former.

Mathew McCaslin

the thruth is always grey

alan belcher nyc

season four was kind of a letdown but sure, why not, season five of arrested development airs on netflix in a couple of weeks.

suspicious of succession but has a good pedigree with brian cox in the lead as a rupert murdock type and adam mckay from the big short as creator. on hbo in early june.

not really won over by the trailer but interesting subject matter. kind of in the master territory with strange angel. out mid june.

“The story follows the life of Jack Parsons, a mysterious and brilliant man in 1940s Los Angeles, who by day helps birth the entirely unknown discipline of American rocketry, and by night is a performer of sex magick rituals and a disciple to occultist Aleister Crowley.”

binged bill haders dark comedy barry yesterday on hbo. lived up to the limited hype. lot of funny performances depicting fourth rate gangsters and fifth rate acting students. henry winkler is great as the acting teacher. killing it late career between this, childrens hospital and arrested development.

Last night was Wheeler in Wheeler, great people wine food, new star on the coast!! Owner was once booker for Knitting Factory for 3 years....

keith from kutztown

magnetic slime

dark over light

I might be geting in trouble here as a white guy but.....Get Out

OK at best as a film IMHO, its amazing as a film cause it cost 4.5MM and has grossed 250MM....Bravo

Personally I found it not funny, not scary, almost predictable.........than I again I am not funny, not scary, and almost predictable too.

OK its a social commentary, Peele said the idea behind the film was "to combat the lie that America had become post-racial.", well who said that America is post-racial, America and the world is full on racial.....

Anyway most new movies are just OK to me so don't feel bad Get Out

frozen satellite screen art

David Wojnarowicz halloween masks etc

Why does Moss Man get all the love?

seeing a lot of positive notices for a new spy thriller series from bbc america, killing eve. airs tomorrow night.

I ate bunny for Easter dinner (rabbit stew at Brooklyn Beet Co.) Is that wrong?