Parrino at Gagosian Paris

early 90s east village nostalgia porn currently also on criterion channel

I just don't watch that award show stuff in general. 



Corpse Reviver 2


Bruce Madden journals work

My FB feed is full of so many NY performing artists morning their beloved vocal coach who was viciously attacked - scroll down the article for video of the perp - looks like a white woman with long auburn hair.

Season 12 Trailer Park Boys is in top form. See it on Netflix. 

Last two movies:

crazy rich asians

bad trip


his title at the restaurant in PDX is Forager 


janet recommended resident alien to me. ive watched everything to date so it must be... watchable? i mostly like it. giving it a b+. kind of like northern exposure with an alien twist.

Painting beyond Pollock

How the beats begat the pranksters

light & space 

LA acid test '66

Cinderella story...

Went to JJ in Philly yesterday. Still need to see the NYC show. Great to see a slew of the flagstone series.

check it out!

rip, monica vitti

letterman premiered 40 years ago today. to commemorate that theyve launched a youtube channel with classic clips.

rip, howard hesseman.