10 bbq joints in dal tx
I'm looking for DMT10 recipes, and only found a couple. Where they hiding? In particular, I need the carbonara if it's available. I'm going to steal it for a meal on Friday. If it's not available, it should be easy to find something on the interwebs.

I guess pancetta should be my choice of protein. Guanciale may be a bit hard to procure.
Last week I located the new Red-tailed Hawk nest at One FIth Avenue. Now the photographers are on it.

couple of obvious jokes but pretty funny opening monologue.
anybody heard anything good about vudu? an early adaptor friend is into it.

Venison sous vide for the second time in a week. This time at Masa's. This could be habit forming.
Following a surprise $7 million donation left to Lake Forest College by 1931 alumnus and "secret millionaire" Grace Groner, many are wondering about the generous woman who lived so modestly in one of the richest Chicago suburbs.

Groner worked as a secretary at Abbott Laboratories for 43 years--where she made a $180 stock purchase in 1935, the Chicago Tribune reports. She reinvested the dividends over the years, and at the time of her death--at the age of 100--it was worth $7 million.

Groner's lawyer was one of the few people who knew about her fortune, the Tribune reports:

She lived in an apartment for many years before a friend willed her a tiny house in a part of town once reserved for the servants. Its single bedroom could barely accommodate a twin bed and dresser; its living room was undoubtedly smaller than many Lake Forest closets.
Anybody know--Yoshi Sodeoka? Nutty videos...Cant post links..sorry..

Hendricks uses a blend of spirits produced from a Carter-Head Still (constructed in 1948), of which there are only a small number in the world, and a small pot still, originally built in 1860 by Bennett, Sons & Shears. Both have been restored to working order after being bought at auction in the 1960s by current William Grant Life President, Charles Gordon. The two stills produce strikingly different styles of gin due to their different construction and methods of distillation
Someone at Reddit started a "funniest picture on the interwebs" contest. I kinda like this one. I suppose it works better if you're a geek who's familiar with the O'Reilly technical book series.

bruno, which is the genghis khan you recommended. mongol?
i'm finding lots of R rated ones...
Tragedy of Olympic proportions
Back in CA. Great to see everyone.
for MB: design hell
Kseniya Simonova's Amazing Sand Drawing
Interesting tidbit: Google doesn't understand importance of integrating multiple Bluetooth profiles. Might explain why I lost some features moving from ancient phone to Droid.
pop up house agro /industrial shelter over house, shown in print edition, very cool
Once again, you're welcome Vice President Cheney.
I will be porked out from a nashville weekend but FYI
5 chefs 5 winerys (one very cool) 5 pigs
march 21
2nd annual, count me in for the 3rd
anything to this ?
Hi restaurant people - if anyone hears of any available server positions, Joel's been looking for a job for a couple of months. (When we returned from Cape Cod we foolishly thought he could find something better than Falai.) He's had a bunch of 2nd meetings but nothing has materialized. Any leads would be appreciated!
A new SANAA building opened last week. Better pictures here.
"I just felt like I didn't come all the way to Vancouver not to pull out the big guns," White said. "I put down the tricks I've worked so hard on. It was the savvy thing to do. Saucy. Keep it weird. My coach said at the top: Don't do this unless you're going to stomp it."