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Why foie gras in not unethical. Not sure everyone would agree, or that this closes the question, but from the best producers it's at least not as bad as you probably think. Phew.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2010
The huge flight of 407 eagles smashed the old record of 245 set two years ago at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, which has kept an annual tally of migrating hawks, eagles and falcons since its founding 76 years ago as the world's first refuge for birds of prey.

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Microsoft is releasing Windows Media Player plug in for FireFox which will play H.264 video. Works on Windows 7. For modern browsers, this leaves only FireFox on Mac and Opera without H.264 support and neither of those browsers have a ton of users.
pretty sure everything thats wrong with the world can be summed up by this.
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JimB: Ever played with dd-wrt? I'm planning to get my feet wet soon.
the quaids whack-o stars
wine of st martins day
Complete map of optimal tic- tac-toe moves. (Click on the map for full size version.) Felix Salmon calls it "a funny, perfect, free, nerdy, gorgeous Sol Lewitt".
you wont have richard holbrooke to kick around anymore.
havent heard of much less seen most of these movies in the nyker top 25 of 2010. didnt know shutter island was any good. it seemed to float by unnoticed.

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dont blame obama, liberals, blame society! meh.
from the snippet i caught i dont think ill make it through carrie fishers one woman show on hbo tonight but with the end of boardwalk empire and the onset of xmas doldrums the pickings are slimming. though *bill macy alert!* showtime is previewing the american version of shameless tonight at 10.
"I donít usually bother looking at the Washington Post...."
are you ready for some futbol?

no, probably not but.... some quality matchups today. first up tottenham v. chelsea at 11am on fsc. they are two of the top six teams in the english premier league. and no, i have no idea where tottenham is. chelsea won the premier league last year. at 230 from italy, lazio faces juventus pitting two of the top four team in serie a also on fsc. and goltv has two la liga games the better of the two has barcelona playing real sociedad. that would be one vs eight starting at 250.

today at noon knick fans will greet carmelo anthony with a basket of kisses as the denver nuggets play at the garden. melo is another top player flirting with new york fans hearts. his contract is up soon and he has expressed an interest to be traded here. denver has said he will either resign or be traded by the deadline in february. the knicks are suddenly relevant again as their consolation prize in the lebron sweepstakes, amare stoudemire has the team winning consistently against the lesser teams putting them in the playoff picture for the first time in a decade. amare has also come out as a jew which must make him a popular figure on the nyc bar mitzvah circuit.

and finally on a rainy day in secaucus, the jets hope to wash away the execrable taste in their mouth from their thrashing on monday night by the patriots. it was really the kind of beat down that can only be forgotten by avenging the lost should they meet again in the playoffs. it was that ugly.

the apostle paul was on snl last night. youd think with the "big" itunes noise recently hed favor us with some beatles to push some product, but no, just two "classics" from the wings catalogue. what an iconoclast!!

putin says, come on in the muck is just fine.