"Speaking not of the New Orleans decision, but about the league generally, the NBA's president of basketball operations Joel Litvin says: "Itís the best way to improve yourself. Go young. Lower your payroll. Draft intelligently. Be smart about your free agent signings and your rookie extensions and hope you can become the Thunder."

"The tough news is that it almost never works."
I see that Real Madrid was frustrated by Valencia in a high-tempo thrilling match that should not have ended scoreless.
Braveheart of Darts
double eagle!
Two fat ladies on the cooking Chanel sat 10 pm / but with commercial interruption this time round.
In the home stretch on my movie, here's a link to the trailer.
My bro Ed is setting up a micro brew in Bangor
worlds largest rooftop greenhouse in nycs future.
whit stillman is back a scant 14 years later.
Migraine art
Total U.S. sales in 2011 topped 347 million cases ó some 4 billion bottles, more than a case of wine for every person in America. Estimated retail value: $32.5 billion, according to the Wine Institute, a leading source of U.S. wine information.
I almost want to see it.

Skyline is a trainwreck so horrific it cannot possibly be explained without video evidence. It is not only the worst movie released this year, it may well be the worst film ever to receive a theatrical release. Itís illogical, stupid and boring. It walks when it should run and runs when it should have ended twenty minutes ago. The premise is beyond any acceptable level of awful. The script, if there even was one, feels like it was hastily written in crayon on generic toilet paper. The acting is shoddy. The characters are unlikable. The first act sucks. The second act sucks even more. And the third act, through sheer unstoppable suck momentum, builds and builds like a sick avalanche of devastating putrescence until man, woman and child alike are all devoured by its gaping suck hole.
Our ancestors must have been very cute.
cubo libre
game theories
Paintballing is too a sport.
textbook flop

laughed more at Midnight in Paris than with it. dont know what most of these critics were thinking. i appreciate woody's foray into magical realism but the situations and the dialogue were wooden and corny. also, the richer woody and his characters get the more unrelatable theyve become.
Anybody looking for a great deal on a one of a kind property outside of Vegas? I can't believe that housing market collapsed!
The long and tragical history of post-partisanship, from Washington to Obama.
google fools