can it be called a successful 6 mile bike ride when i got 1.75 liters of whiskey and 3 oversized cookies enroute? to be fair two of those cookies were free. to be less generous i got them to open the door to the bakery with some minor beseeching after they had closed. but again, to be fair, they were closing up 20 minutes early. the only two things i really regret -- the quality of the whiskey and not tipping the cookiegivers better. i think we can easily deduce the square root of that equation. and, no, i was not good at math.

spanish villages for sale.

Arthouse theater to open on Ludlow Street NYC.

live from new york / the SNL doc. stands for smug.... uhhh, something, something else. way to kill the funny. imagine having to keep the yucks up all week for weeks on end jockying for air time laughing at unfunny skits you might get in or write. oy! as far as boys clubs go, rule one: wear your hair like you had it in middle school. on hulu now.  

tough week for 60s tv eye candy. rest in peace, wrangler jane and batgirl.

DIY, dont buy!

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welcome to heirloom beantown.

godard vs truffaut

photographing your work for the internet

quick pickling

there are only two people left on the planet who were verifiably born in the 19th century.

When you take a sip, of Cruze Farm's buttermilk, you understand why it kept the farm alive. You can taste the butter and the milk; the thick creaminess lingers on your lips. It's a little tangy. A little sweet. It's not sour. It also has the necessary acidity to make real buttermilk biscuits—it's the whole reason the lauded Southern staple came to be. The lactic acid in buttermilk—the same thing that gives it that tang—is also what makes for truly tender biscuits, breaking down the gluten in the flour. It also contributes to the leavening effect of baking soda, producing tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide that puff up the biscuits sky-high. You know how vinegar and baking soda together will explode? It's the same effect, except in miniature. And much more delicious.

raspberry bars. yes, please.

“Slouching Towards Bethlehem” is a classic of what was later named the New Journalism. Didion used a vernacular voice that mimicked the laid-back aimlessness of Haight speech. More New Journalistically, she adopted a Haight personality. She blended into the scene; she internalized its confusions. She gave readers the sense that she was putting herself at risk by reporting this story, that she might get sucked into the Haight abyss and become a lost soul, too...

Ebnother (monochrome)

went to see some comedy on a whim. it was the perfect storm. saw her mention it on twitter about an hour before the show and it was at the ucb east on third street and it was at 645 and it was 5 bucks. wrote for the letterman show and is a producer on the daily show. was prepping her act to go to the edinburgh festival. not the funniest ever but endearing enough for 5 bucks on a monday at pre-dusk.


takeout style cold sesame noodles

matzoh, matzoh, man.

Who Runs the Streets of New Orleans?

rosemary, peach and tomato chutney (peaches coming in strong now)

bang zoom

bear catching salmon cam

original story john hughes wrote for national lampoon that evolved into the screenplay for vacation.