i like this......actual size is 8 feet by 4+ feet



anyone experience this type of place?

watched both seasons of for all mankind on apple+. seems like your run of the mill 60s space drama but theyve added a nice twist. decent mix of space exploration with workplace/domestic drama. they kind of give it away in the trailer though its revealed in episode 1 so...?


early 70s van nuys blvd

I like this.....

Some visitors today

Old friend of ours, beautiful show nice review Alex Hay

JJ body parts

never knew why the rangers were named that. 

George Lewis "Tex" Rickard, president of Madison Square Garden, was awarded an NHL franchise for the 1926–27 season to compete with the now-defunct New York Americans, who had begun play at the Garden the previous season. The Americans (also known as the "Amerks") proved to be an even greater success than expected during their inaugural season, leading Rickard to pursue a second team for the Garden despite promising the Amerks that they were going to be the only hockey team to play there.[5] The new team was quickly nicknamed "Tex's Rangers".

You know this one Michael? It’s so rare I drink wine these days (except for the castleroig cava slurper). This one knocked my socks off. 


For those who enjoyed the mind-bender Coherence check out the comedy The One I Love on netflx


Elizabeth Schneider sommolier

Don Voisine at McKenzie 

is walter matthau the most unlikely leading man of all time?

ernest borgnine?

seth rogen?

Halston Netflix 

there was a woolworths in my town with counter service but it was probably closed by 1980, the counter service. the store lasted a little longer.

i see your twee zinemobile, portland, and raise you one seitanic queer vegan worker-owned bushwick eatery.

rippppppp, charles grodin.

two eps in, so far so good with hacks


so fucked up / on criterion 

"Hadid is a dual Jordanian-American citizen.[1] He does not consider himself a devout Muslim,[14] but has never drunk alcohol, although he does have a 5,000-bottle wine cellar, including some from his own Beverly Hills winery."

rip, norman floyd at 106! knew him primarily from st elsewhere but ill afford him the honor of being recognized on cinefiles. he was in that hitchcock film, saboteur, in 1939???  *checks year*  1942!

his last film was a trainwreck. check that, his last film was trainwreck with amy schumer. 

same difference.

says his career was marginally effected by the blacklist but it looks like it fell off a cliff in 1953 except for sporadic tv work until st. elsewhere. but i guess that can happen.


Some of my earliest and fondest tv recollections involve Dobie Gillis. Dobie was a college student who worked part time at his dads grocery store. He had a girlfriend Gilda and a Beatnic friend Maynard G. Krebbs (pre Gilligans Island Bob Denver). It opened with a thoughtful statement and an image of Rodan's The Thinker. It seemed quite worldly and progressivly youth oriented. More episodes can be found on YT. I don't recall this going into reruns or just briefly after the initial run.