Range anxiety in PNW 

Saw a few yesterday, today a huge flock of robins in the area. It's Spring!

F Stella 



new place is tribute to Howie Pyro. Menus looks good. 

havent read this yet but unnamed sources might suggest a certain mia webmaster would give a non verbal assent to the thrust of the reporting herein.

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The Restaurant

List 2022

50 places in America we’re most excited about right now.

watched about 3 minutes of two new british shows, one seemed promising and both were either well received or recommended by others id normally trust but im likely only to get to minute five with one. which i did i choose?

The Menu.....sorry wierd movie to me

Triangle of Sadness......sorry wierd move to me

offers from best buy for 3 months free apple tv and another for 4 months of apple music. have to sign up, of course, and cancel subscriptions.

Hunter Bidens emails on that laptop.

lines in four directions 

Carin Goldberg, 69, Who Transformed Book and Album Cover Design, Dies

She was in the vanguard of female designers who looked to the past to upend the cool modernism of the ’70s with a style that became prominent in the ’80s.

"Same answer."

damn. sure sign of aging. stars of yore dropping like flies. yesterday, wednesday addams (sorry, didnt know her name then...), today cindy williams.

In Clinton’s remarks about baristas, one can sense the values held by this kind of feminism. One is “consigned” to being a barista, because being a barista is not what the successful people do. To the extent there is a problem, it is that people are not getting to run startups rather than pour coffee. But a socialist looks at the situation differently: The problem is not that people are “stuck” being baristas, it is that baristas are not accorded the respect and economic security that they should be given. For Clinton/Traister, there should be a meritocracy in which anyone can rise from their lowly, pitiful, underpaid position to become the boss. For someone committed to actual material equality, there shouldn’t be bosses, or lowly, underpaid positions, to begin with. It’s not that everyone should be able to get to the top of the hierarchy of female success, it’s that the hierarchy must be destroyed, so that people can do what they want with their lives without having to worry about whether they will be able to feed themselves or their children.

Loved Living and so hope he gets the Oscar.........will watch Ikiru asap

Confessions of a Former Bastard Cop