Writing a little script to parse the access logs. Here's some stuff I found out.

People have recently followed links from these pages to Dave's page:

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Nice comment in the blog itself:

And I'm very pleased to find Mr. Wilson's Arboretum favorably mentioned on:
http://www.groksoup.com/site/Texting/ (august 17 entry)

[update: I just saw that we were noted as one of Chrisitine Vachon's links in an interview on contentville.com. I'm going to have to give Rachael's page the points on that one.]
Sitting here at Bill's in Jersey City, as meteorologist, looking at lower Manhattan, looks like rain to me. Take cover people.
I liked Dave's Survivor thinking (Rich won == G.W.Bush will win,) although I tried to parrot this and people weren't buying. Anyway, I only saw a small bit of 2 shows, but this thread (keep clicking 'next in thread') seems full of info from people much more knowledgable than me. Maybe too knowledgeable?
Thanks for the baseball tip Dave. It's even more interesting than I thought it would be (1953 style next inning.) Did they say how they are doing it? Probably its something like the on-the-fly video morphing stuff they use to insert the mph and such (wheel linked to a story on it last week.) Like filters in photoshop, but running real time at 30fps. Cool. I often want to comment on your posts, maybe we could make a discussion page somewhere here that you could link to just for comments from your blogger page.
saving grace - funny british film about a small town (c0rnwall) widow growing (a huge amount of) pot to pay off her husband's debts. worth seeing, if somewhat silly - great corn flakes scene after two local ladies have a tea party (-lb)
a flood destroyed the crops of my favorite organic team at the Green Market but still plenty to choise from. bought 3 kinds of tomatoes and two types of corn and cranbery beans....
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This must be part of the jodi.org conspiracy.
new beatles album out soon i hear--will it be #1 selling album (thriller mike jackson / 40 million) of all time??
Neil Young : 08-17-2000, Jones Beach Amphitheater, Wantagh, New York w/ The Music In Head Band

1.Motorcycle Mama--Comes a Time '78
2.Powderfinger--Rust Never Sleeps '79
3.Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere--Everybody Knows... '69
4.I Believe In You--After the Goldrush '70
5.Unknown Legend--Harvest Moon '92
6.Dance, Dance, Dance--Crazy Horse's Crazy Horse '71
7.Buffalo Springfield Again--Silver and Gold '00
8.Razor Love--Silver and Gold '00
9.From Hank To Hendrix--Harvest Moon '92
10.Daddy Went Walkin' --Silver and Gold '00
11.Peace Of Mind--Comes a Time '78
12.Walk On--On the Beach '74
13.Winterlong--Decade '76
14.Bad Fog Of Loneliness
15.Words--Harvest '72
16.Harvest Moon--Harvest Moon '92
17.World On A String--Tonight's the Night '75
18.Tonight's The Night--Tonight's the Night '75
19.All Along The Watchtower--Dylan's John Wesley Harding '67,Hendrix's Electric Ladyland '68, Bobfest at Madison Square Garden '93
20.Like A Hurricane--American Stars 'n' Bars '77
21.Mellow My Mind--Tonight's the Night '75

Music In Head Tour Band : The Music In Head Band
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica
Donald "Duck" Dunn - bass
Jim Keltner - drums
Ben Keith - Pedal Steel
Spooner Oldham - keyboards
Pegi Young - background vocals
Astrid Young - background vocals

some dude said :
"Terrific show, very interesting setlist, I'm sure you'll agree, lots of stuff from deep in the catalogue, lots of stuff I've never heard in concert before (or, perhaps, don't remember--how could that happen?), like "Motorcycle Mama," with Astrid and Pegi really belting out accompanying vocals; "Dance, Dance, Dance," which Neil gave to Crazy Horse for their first solo album and which can also be found, my sources tell me, on a '91 Neil bootleg, "Winterlong," an early composition unreleased until the Decade collection; "World on a String" and "Mellow My Mind," not the best-known tunes from Tonight's the Night ; and "Bad Fog of Loneliness," an ancient-sounding psychedelic-pop thing with a country edge that I can find no history for. Pretty much everything had some kind of an edge to it, as you would expect from Mr. Young; even the slowest, mellowest tunes seemed dangerously unstable. Pretenders opened, and did a couple of the star's songs, kicking off their set with a sinuous "The Loner" and doing a hard-rock take on "The Needle and the Damage Done." "Brass in Pocket (I'm Special)" was the encore and the highlight.

i,m sure this was posted discussed etc so sorry if its old news
Are you watching this golf match?
The web is really fast on Sunday mornings.

Anybody out there using IE 4.01 on the Mac? Rumor has it some pages here are crashing a machine with that setup. Can anyone confirm/deny this? IE 4.5 and 5.0 are both fine I know. Thanks. (Any other observations about differences in different browsers would be appreciated as well.)
Mr. Jim, Mr. Alex, Mr. Dave, Mr. Bill, Mr. Wheel, Miss Rachael, and Mr. Mark, do we have the energy, means, freedom of schedule, and location to have a party in the NY area next Saturday that would include all of you, and yours, and as many as five or six people I might invite? Maybe we will, maybe we won't. Either way, hope to see all of you during a visit bringing me to the area 26-31 Aug.
Not sure whether or not he's hooked up and so therefore this message is almost like smoke, released in semi-readable puffs, to be read from a distance, but if the wind's too strong what good will it be? Of course, if there was wind I might not even be writing this. How very enigmatic. How mysterious.

The search for oneself and that ultimate purpose, if one is lucky, is a search carried out till the dying day. The search is the end, not the means to it. And like smoke in many ways.

That idea of getting out of the rat race and stopping to smell the poppys, is a good one, but let's not let it rule us. Often there are dissenting factors to consider.

Jim, who are you talking to, and what the hell are you trying to say?

Fair question.

Magee. Magee. Magee. Not to rush you across the country or anything, or to interfere with the time you might spend with parents in Houston (forecast for next week 95, 95, 95, 96, 95, 95), but repeat after me, "Mom, Dad, love you, not always, but in the end, however, gotta go, bye." Get to New Orleans, great town, fascinating, historic, culturally rich, there's the French Quarter, Garden District, St. Charles Ave., Uptown, Downtown, Bywater, Fabourg Marigny, Fabourg St. John, the Bayou St. John, Treme, Mid-City, City Park, Audubon Park, Tulane, Loyola, Xavier, see that guy there, sells crack cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, good guy, and that guy over there does the same thing but he's an asshole, by the way the forcast for NO this next week is 97, 95, 98, 97, 95.

Magee, can you hear me? Hey, hey, hey, are you listening? We need to get out of this part of the country and up towards that NY area where they've been having sex with the seventies all summer long.

Mark, Mark, come in Mark...
just placed my first kozmo.com order. their movie selection isnt very big but i managed to find something. i was almost more curious to see if they could navigate my difficult delivery scenario (no buzzer, no number)than anything else. some decent junkyfoody munchies options but no bubbly water or soymilk. nice that you can place an order and specify an hour window to receive it. ill keep you posted on the outcome.
Here's the live webcam of the Pacific Northwest Lego Train Club's attempt to break the world record for longest lego train layout. Here's a page of photos of the same. They are setting it up inside the Seattle Center. Serious geekery. (from /.)
Went to see Neil Young last night @ Jones Beach. No beer sold here ! Drove from JC over the bayone bridge to Staten Island expwy to belt pkwy to southern state pkwy. Cleaned the return trip at midnight in one hour.Super excelent sound system and it was net broadcasted as well.

The pretenders opened. CH looks the exact same as when I saw her 20 years ago! They finished up with Neil's "The Needle".

Neil's touring with I guess you'd call it the family band. Wife and Sister on back up vocals and back up hippy groove dancing (the sister is HOT) plus keyboard, drum, peddle steel, bass and NY. Mentioned that steel peddle guys been with him 30 yrs and the rest averaging 10 or so. These people have names and I do them a diservice not to mention them.

Opened with "Motor Cycle Momma" and the sister really wailed. The sound guy must have turned her down after that but it was a nice blast while it lasted. Lots of acoustic and electric but it all really cooked. "Harvest Moon" got a big pop from the new upper deck croud 'cause they alone could see an early H M coming up from behind the stage. Neil kept asking every one how they were doing and that he was good. He noted that last time he was here that there was no upper deck and that all those people would have been up in the sky for another big upper deck croud pop. I really dug "Walk On", they worked it for it's full rockin' potential.

They played from 9:15 to almost midnight.

Let me dig arround the NY news group for a set list and I'll be back in a while with sumore.

I'm gushing cause it was my first NY show.

had lunch at the infamous Gundel (art nouveau building and restaurant since 1896) in Budapest today--very old world--but ok and finished with a 1964 Tokaj!!--the baths here are great, i dont think i will see much of the city besides restaurants and my hotels mineral baths (there are 140 mineral baths in budapest and my hotel/baths were also built in the late 1800's)
Some new features added today to the main page. Read all about it in System News. And please bug me with any problems. Thanks.
Wow. Crop circles. Wow.
great food in the famous wine region Tokaj--more details later
from current reading of r b fuller (some of you may know i saw him in 1984 and he told me (us) that we should mate with dolfins (which always makes me think about the original flounder of greenpeace that got a blowjob by a dolfin when young and made him go "wild: for them--now as some may know he now left and has his own boat that just rams boats that are doing the wrong fishing--cool!!)--any way heres a few quotes from :operating manual for spaceship earth (1969):"the universe is the aggragate of all of humanity's consciously-apprehended and communicated experience with the nonsimultaneous, nonidentical, and only partially overlapping, always complementary, weighable and unweighable, ever omni-transforming, event seguences"..."the evolutionary antibody to the extinction of humanity through specialization (---he hates this as he thinks its limiting and limits creativity etc....----) appeared in the form of the computer..." and i love how he call's us (humans) "plantings"
i miss the hash--the king hussian(sp?) "cream" the most--it was "classic" and yummy (~10$ gram)--i miss it today against my wishes to stay stimulant free, ok i am not considering the usual ginseng, caffine etc, but i am counting alcohol which now is flooding my new wrong's right now (i o d'd the other nite and have been recoupin for my apoitments in tokaj, hungary)--the magala "cream" (14$) was much stronger from india but i dont miss it as much (actually i miss linda the most:>), fyi the nepal "cream" was nice too ($8 but at a cheaper place)--now i'd pay double for some screapins off the dust bowl of any bar--yes i could find it here (prague) but its too much work and seeing this guy shooting up heroin on the street couple days ago turned me off from talking to the usual caracter...i drank 2 nite cause my lovely fav pasha(se sustanence abuse) was closed so i didnt want to cross the river to deal with the crowds so i went to the "hot" Kampa Grill with its room filled with old folks with sexy "local gils" serving 1986 Vega Sicilia below my company's whore-sale...whatever i am toasted now and have to go buy some....cigaretts-_chow...