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rothko rooms

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reality tv notes


the 40's-50's - of the shows listed, only allen funt's ambush comedy project candid camera fit my definition

the 60's-70's - Seven Up!, Warhol films, An American Family - good examples

Chuck Barris: The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game, and The Gong Show - only the gong show counts. this is an exception to my game shows dont count rule.

the 80's-90's - COPS, The Real World, Americas Funniest Home Videos - prime examples

"...the producers of The Real World have stated that their direct inspiration was An American Family."

the 2000's - of all listed only: Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.

Documentary Style

Special Living Environment and Celebs dont count except anna nicole smith and the osbornes, also the one with flav a flav. sorry rev run, no go.

Occupational is close to Instructional. none listed count. see below.

Competitive and Game Shows dont count

Dating, Job Search, Sports dont count

Self Improvement/Makeovers dont count

Renovation - AH HA!!! i will broaden this to instructional, which begins with wgbh's 1963-73 the french chef. Russell Morash worked with julia childe and went on to produce the victory garden (1975-present) and this old house (1979-present) also for wgbh boston. this is the core of instructional or how-to reality tv.

Social, Dating, Talk, Hidden Camera (as here defined), Supernatural, Hoaxes - dont count

Prior elements in popular culture - good examples provided

also informing reality tv is documentary film (predating 1900 to present) and its subset cinema verite. both support my interpretation of good rtv.

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the end of history beer

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"I have earned the right to be on any road in the united states. I have become the road. You can’t kick a road off itself. I am the road."

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hate the new google images format!

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via vz
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curves of steel

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M4rk L0mbardi

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The CIA and the Cultural Cold War Revisited by James Petras

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review of jean-louis harouel la grande falsification: l'art contemporain

stefan beyst mimesis
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radiant child inside-outsider

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tosches chasing the 0pium den

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poor quality photo-shop of bp crisis center

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things looking worse at the oil spill in the gulf

*"Methane is about 40% of the total volume of hydrocarbons that was flowing from the well - which is why it is more accurate to call it a 'hydrocarbon stream' rather than an 'oil leak"

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we took snapshots on the guided tour of george nakashima compound last saturday

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brion gysin, ivy 1959

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the beat hotel

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george nakashima sourced some of his wood from thompsons mahogany of philadelphia, pa

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tina chow rock crystal jewelry designer

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clifford k berryman

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fox chase restoration llc

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SIMON VELEZ has been designing and making bamboo buildings in Colombia for the past 30 years. He discovered that he could build major structures with the indigenous bamboo called ‘guadua' at much lower costs than with concrete and steel. He was the first to introduce large-span bridges (especially over motorways for pedestrians and cyclists to get across) made in bamboo, and has made a number of other interesting structures as well with the material.

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revisiting marianbad

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rip tuli

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