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Briefly noted, this excellent video/Net DIY collage piece by jimpunk. You need Quicktime 7 to view. The elements of the grid, the composite, and short loops could all be seen in an earlier work, Michael Ensdorf's Momentary Distractions. What jimpunk adds is the ability to mix and match clips, a slew of pop culture and historical references (a pistol-wagging Benicio Del Toro, Flight 93, Jodie Foster panicking), ambitious graphic design in the more psychedelic patterns, snippets of found and/or industrial style music, and an overall sense of anarchic humor. Net Art seems to be evolving here, or perhaps a better metaphor would be morphing into an explosively violent alien entity, like Natasha Henstridge in Species.

- tom moody 1-14-2006 8:13 pm [link] [3 comments]

1996 Paper Piece (Yellow)

Scan of polaroid. Untitled artwork circa 1996, photocopies and linen tape, 88" x 78". Made when I was living in a closet (practically) in Tribeca. Too obvious a Peter Halley reference to show at the time, I always liked it, even though few others did. Ten years later, it seems more in step with the current videogame-as-potholder discourse. Wait, did I just coin something? (See comments.) Eventually I'll get this old work out of my system.

- tom moody 1-13-2006 6:59 am [link] [5 comments]

Smokin' Skull

Continuing with our series of antidrug public service announcements...

- tom moody 1-12-2006 2:45 am [link] [12 comments]

The "Zeus' Forehead" Award* for Shortest Documented Period of Emergence by an Artist

And the winner is: Gareth James, who was the subject of an Artforum "First Take: 12 New Artists" column in 2004 and is now Chair of the Visual Arts Department at Columbia University. This suggests either that James is an incredibly fast worker or our system of evaluating art and artists needs to go to the shop.

Ironically, two years ago James almost received the "Young Methuselah" Award for Longest Documented Period of Emergence by an Artist, since it appeared he had been around quite a while before his "First Take," which is supposedly for unknowns. (Then-Whitney Museum Curator Debra Singer picked James, who was, for a time, assistant to the director of the Whitney Independent Study Program.) In '04, an ISP alumnus convinced the committee (me) not to give that award because he swore James was still emerging.

*Formerly the Sixth Day Award, after the Schwarzenegger movie where all the clones grow to full maturity in a matter of days.

- tom moody 1-12-2006 2:41 am [link] [2 comments]


Just bought a new scanner--stepped on the old one--don't ask--and am trying it out with this photo cut out of Sp1n. Still can't get over that this suburban slob is now the handsomest man alive or whatever. Yes, I know he's an actor, but to me he'll always be This Guy, who I knew back in the day from the pizza restaurant where I worked. He made an imaginary grid in the dining area that only employees (all male) knew about. If a "hot chick" was on the premises he'd come back in the kitchen and yell "A-4!" or "C-3!"

- tom moody 1-11-2006 5:22 am [link] [5 comments]


Abe Linkoln suggested collaboration on an animated GIF tattoo, where he works on the tech and I start drawing up some "flashing skulls and snakes folding in on themselves." So I drew this skull, with the vague plan to make an animated snake writhing up its neck and slithering around its mouth and eyesockets. Eeew. Stay tuned to this space to get creeped out! (If I finish it.)

- tom moody 1-10-2006 9:39 pm [link] [8 comments]

Apple Rant

Have you tried to update your Quicktime player lately? Used to be you clicked once and could view a QT movie right away. Not anymore. You can't get version 7 without accepting a bundled, mandatory download onto your computer of the dreaded iTunes. Which immediately links back to the Apple Store and starts sending you information about stupid pop songs you don't want, and tries to get you to sign up for their proprietary scheme.

Recently a musician sent me a link to iTunes with a complimentary download of his CD (thanks, mon). I clicked the link and was directed to the Apple Store, which insisted I provide an email address and phone number. C'mon, why do they need that from a gift recipient? I balked, and the musician was kind enough to send me a CD in the mail.

I'm using Windows, the people's OS, and play .mp3s on Winamp, which is a very mellow and non-invasive program. I briefly tried out the iTunes player, and found that while it accepted my Winamp playlists, it wouldn't play the songs from their original folders. I had to copy them to an iTunes folder. I play .wav files of my own tunes in Winamp, because not everything gets ripped and besides, they sound nice. To copy them to the iTunes folder meant doubling about 10 gigs of material. I suppose I could have just moved the songs and then played them in Winamp from the Apple folder, but I really resent the use of my computer as contested territory in some brand turf war, so I threw up my hands and uninstalled iTunes.

Update: Jim B. found a page where I could download QT 7. I was trying to do it by upgrading my Firefox plug-in from 6.5, and I swear to you the link took me to a page where I couldn't get QT without accepting iTunes.

- tom moody 1-10-2006 9:17 pm [link] [7 comments]

Paul B Davis - Teletext

An image made with the CebraText teletext editor for eventual transmission on the Boob Tube. As mentioned below, Emma Davidson (Lektrolab) and Paul B. Davis (Lektrolab/BEIGE) are doing a Teletext project that will run on Dutch TV later this month as part of Their Teletext TV station is called Microtel, and they are calling for submissions to create simple text and graphics messages. You can download the CebraText program (Windows only) to create the Teletext files and then email the files to Davis and Davidson for TV reformatting. The above artwork, by Davis, is an example; the tutorials on the Microtel site make the process seem pretty painless. I say that because I haven't tried it yet. The interest in near-obsolete media and the reincarnation of old programs in an open source environment I find pretty fascinating; the aesthetics of it are what drew me to the BEIGE project back in the day ('02).

- tom moody 1-10-2006 6:53 pm [link] [5 comments]