Thursday, September 26, 2002
The Mark
6 pm to 8 pm

Amy Goldman is on a mission to save the heirloom melon. She grows about 100 varieties of ancient gourd in her garden in Rhinebeck, NY, and with her new book, Melons for the Passionate Grower, she's spreading the word about these long-forgoten delicacies, and their seed. Join us for a tasting of the snake melon, Queen Anne's pocket melon, and Prescott Fond Blanc as well as Bouvet Brut Champagne, Taittinger Cuvee Prestige Rose, Michele Chiarlo Nivole Moscato. Members of the AIWF will leave with a complimentary copy of Amy Goldman' book, "Melons for the Passionate Grower."
Montana Postcard

Hope there are some better pictures out there; weíll scan Ďem if necessary. Mine are mostly landscape, and donít include all participants (or do justice to those they do include). Nor do they show the incredible series of meals produced and consumed. Iím sure youíll see more of such things, but this is what Iíve got. Wish you were there.
this guy hijacked abaton book company (marianne nowottny) website too.
never really thought margaret cho was that funny. i was very, very wrong. she's fucking hilarious. very sexuality and sex-oriented, sailing gleefully past any taboos you might have thought you had. best bit: "what if straight guys menstruated" (at one point she says, i sometimes feel a little weird talking about my period but if Richard Pryor had one, i bet HE woulda talked about it). other highlights include "everybody's a little gay," "Margaret visits the leather scene", the pussy riff, and of course "visit to Water's Gift." the weird thing is, although it's more explicit than Pryor it doesn't seem _dirty_ at all, just achingly funny. at Sunshine.
Another recommendation: Lovely and Amazing by Judith Holfcener, director of Walking and Talking. It helps to clean the toxins out of your system if you've recently seen the awful Minority Report. Don't go see Holofcener's film expecting a neat narrative arc, though. The movie just kind of ends. But the details and performances are wonderful. Think Ghost World without the male menopausal bile; Magnolia without the apocalyptic pretensions; Short Cuts without the length. It's good!
went to Lupa again, triple pasta pre 7:00 movie dinner at the bar, awesome again
I guess there really was attitude at Smith.
Bad attitude.
The Post dishes the demise.
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Back at work on the third of July; an abrupt transition. Head still full of canyons and meadows and rivers and mountains, receding now behind the city, but still there, finding a way through the cracks, the gaps, all the little spaces never quite paved over, in the city or in the mind.

I want to thank our hosts once more:
The RenHillWalls, who put us up in Bozeman, providing various sorts of guidance.
The Copelands, who installed us in their amazing Lucky Dog Lodge on the Gallatin.
The MacFaddens, whose beautiful cabin on the Smith River is no more than a fitting setting for their jewel of a daughter, Sarah, who was the major motivator behind the whole adventure.
Thanks to all, and to all the friends, old and new, who shared the good times.
May we meet again.
Weíre back.
More or less.
Please allow for a brief recovery period.
Grand trip amid grandeur and intimacy
Returns to remains that wonít go away.
Be glad youíre gone;
Be glad youíre home.
Be glad.
Be somewhere.

More later.
from NYMag (sounds good)
When Eric Tevrow lured Martin Burge from the chef de cuisine post at Gotham Bar & Grill to sign on at Fresh, his elegant new seafood restaurant, Tevrow sweetened the deal with something even better than prime Tribeca real estate: first dibs on the daily Eastern-seaboard catch, courtesy of Early Morning Seafood, Tevrow's wholesale purveyor to star chefs like Alain Ducasse and Gray Kunz. Burge makes the most of his inside sources with rillettes of gaspy cod and finnan haddie, Ipswich fried clams, "Kobe beef" of bluefin toro, and an array of whimsically named "prime cuts," like baby-back halibut ribs steamed in kelp. Fellow Gotham alum Joseph Murphy dishes up seasonal desserts like wild-strawberry shortcake and warm blueberry financier.
105 Reade Street
Cuisine: Seafood
public domain looney toons
dirty duck
wont get fooled again
"According to Daily Variety, ad placement by major brands knocked off roughly $25 million from Minority's (Report) $102 million budget."
Going to Union Sq Cafe for the first time in at least 8 years was like coming home for dinner,
they we so friendly, great wines to drink, free couses were greatly apreciatted and injoyed.....
tree house
update on recent webcasting ruling :
eeeewwwwwwWWWW GROSS
spiderman under the loop.
The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat), [an] epic account of an 11th-century Inuit blood feud, shot on digital video in northernmost Canada a hundred miles or more above the Arctic Circle, is spectacularly beautiful, not to mention mysterious, sensual, emotionally intense... Some three years in the making and nearly three hours long, [the film] totally absorbing from first image to last." --J. Hoberman, Village Voice

I saw the film today and agree with Jim Hoberman's review--it's fantastic! I recommend seeing it at Landmark's Sunshine Cinema on Houston; it's a nice comfortable theater with stadium seating.

Victor-Superlong beard challange
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