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theyre not saying boo, theyre saying boourns.
bush interview on 60 minutes now.
probably not the worst thing for his outsized ego but its sad to see dan rather "reduced" to a grade b sunday morning shoutfest. what a nightmare trying to get a word in edgewise between chris matthews, andrea mitchell and andrew sullivan.
back in the day the rivington school got no respect. im mean Very Very little to None. but today it appears to be a template for success. dash snow bombing

monster mash
Years ago, porn infiltrated CES. Then they were told to get their own show. The AVN show was winding up Thursday and CES was shutting down. Porn can have a big impact on consumer electronics. For example, porn helped VHS win, and now ...

AVN: Will Blu-ray walk into the anti-porn trap?
steve dont eat it!
123 orchard st circa 20's ? w/ push carts
Tried new Momofuku on 2nd and 13th- features something called Ssam which look like wraps- had excellent uni with whipped tofu and black tea tapioca pearls, roasted cauliflower, and a sliced American cured ham (they feature 3). Same interior style and small menu- the ony repeat I remember is the steamed pork buns.
Is John Burns ever going to cut his hair? He must be one powerful SOB to get on TV looking like that.
Keep the lasagna flying: Robert Anton Wilson, R.I.P..

I'm never sure whether to be embarrassed or not that Wilson's The Illuminatus Trilogy was the book that had the biggest impact on my thinking. I was so sad when I finished because I wanted it to go on forever. I wish he could have as well.
Bipartisan network neutrality bill introduced in Senate.
Everyone's doing the "connected home". By that I mean convergence of PCs, TVs, digital content, media servers, internet-based content, homenetworking, mobiles, yada, yada. Way too much stuff to try to process or even capture right now. Below is an angle from Sony -- a TV that gets content from the internet. A Sony TV pulling up content from the Sony media properties cuts a shitload of middlemen right out of the equation. Interesting.

Anyway, the issue is making it easy. I know people that get overwhelmed when a third remote control enters the equation. I don't know the answer, but whoever figures out how to harness the power of convergence is a way that's easy to use will do very well.

CES Update: Sony Bringing Internet Video To HDTV
January 8th, 2007

Sony Electronics today announced a first of its kind TV feature called BRAVIA Internet Video Link that will allow most of its new televisions to access free Internet video content, including high-definition, from providers including AOL, Yahoo! and Grouper, as well as Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony BMG Music.According to Stan Glasgow, president and chief operating officer of Sony Electronics, “This initiative will not only enhance the entertainment experience for owners of Sony Internet video-ready HDTVs, but also reinforce our defining strategy of providing more personalization of products and content for consumers that no other company can offer.”
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big 108 inch
CES 2007: Netgear and BitTorrent team up on high-definition content delivery -- IP-based media reciever. Competition to Akimbo?
sad tree news from Oregon
anyone smell gas? i caught an out doors wiff (wafft?) here in jc about 9:30 this am?

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life on mars
Very good veggie fare last week (friends have said yum yum on the raw fish, meat offerings)...I ate at the Tribeca Branch.....Takahachi 145 Duane and 85 Ave A....

The Art of LowerMyBills
Picture of 188 Suffolk St. being power washed (via kottke.) Yikes. Makes me think of when Steve's nephew (?) came to visit NYC for the first time and at the end of the trip Steve asked him what he thought about the City. After thinking about it for a moment he said: "It's dirty."