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Looks like an attempt at a forced soft closure to OWS tomorrow morning with cleaning crews instead of riot police. Although I guess they will need the police too. Starting at 6:00am the park owners will begin to clean the park in three stages, with protesters needing to leave each section of the park during its' cleaning phase. Upon reopening each section the park owners have asked the City to help them enforce the park rules which prohibit laying down on the ground, covering the ground with tarps or tents, storing personal items on park grounds, etc... So unless protesters can sleep standing up it looks like it's over. Just a matter of how quietly they will go.
For the first time, the number of wireless devices connecting to cellular networks in the United States and its territories over the past six months has surpassed the country’s total population. A semi-annual survey conducted by the CTIA found that wireless subscriber connections now total 327.6 million while the population of the U.S. and its territories is now 315.5 million people. This means the wireless penetration rate in the U.S. in now 103.9% according to the CTIA, marking the first time that wireless penetration has surpassed 100% in the U.S.
Am I crazy to switch to Sprint? Anybody use it in NYC?
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Via sweet marias fb page / how to home roast green coffee beans with a popcorn popper. I know people who have been doing this for years with their sweet marias green beans / here
I met my first Apple fanboi in about 1980. He was a fellow electrical engineering student. I did some HW and SW work with microprocessors, but did not actually have my own computer. A few people did. I was waiting until they were better.

I remember asking this guy a smart ass question about the sticker on his truck. "Why is there a hunk out of that apple? And why is it striped? I've seen red apples, green apples, golden apples, but not one with stripes." He ignored my smart ass intent, and launched into a spiel about how great Apple was. I saw the Apple ][ as just another crappy little toy computer with *gasp* a weak ass 6502.

His excitement while talking about Apple was palpable. He could think of nothing better than moving to Cupertino to work for them. I didn't get it. I guess I did take away from that exchange that Silicon Valley is the place to be. So I did at least grasp that.

Thanks Steve, for making engineering a little more exciting.
"The world has lost a visionary. And there may be no greater tribute to Steve's success than the fact that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented." —President Obama tonight on the passing of Steve Jobs
Had some hope for Person of Interest, but nope. Same for Pan Am although you probably already knew that without watching.
maybe this is old news to everyone else but new to me . . .
no-soak oven cooked beans! reminds me of the thrill of the no-knead bread from years past. made garbanzos tonight, tasted far better than canned or any I have made using the regular method.
Moving the LDM recommendation thread here so as not to diminish the other thread. Man, it's amazing what happens when you break through the $20 barrier. Too bad I can't do it more often. I guess what Skinny said originally is probably true: they are all great. But tonight tried "KO - In Côt We Trust" from Thierry Puzelat and Pierrot Bonhomme. Damn!
Dave, is this for real? Nice catch!

LAST MEAL "Cheeseburger with a fried egg. My wife's homemade chocolate- chip cookies. Copious amounts of red wine. Enjoyed in the company of family and friends and accompanied by the Grateful Dead played very loud." WYLIE DUFRESNE, chef and co-owner, WD-50