Harlequin painting


Harlequin painting (featuring Jonathan Alderfer, brother of DMTree pal HA.)

4 to 6" of fluffy snow already. Rain switched to snow around 9 am. Branches are cracking off and falling on trees that have not yet dropped their leaves. A recipe for knocking out power lines.
SFO -> YYZ, just for a day to pick up a Catahoula puppy.
heinz balsamic ketchup
there must be a pauline kael book out because she is all over the arugula-eating elite media.

frank rich in nyt magazine
nyts dargis & scott
slate culture gabfest (final segment)

an old npr retrospective:


kept an eye on the scoreboard last night just to witness the last inning or so of what might have been the first world series championship for the texas rangers. ended up watching the last four innings of a memorable st louis win in the 11th inning after being down runs at five different times during the game including two runs down in the ninth and the tenth followed by a walkoff homerun in the 11th.
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Cucina povera here
post-it note diaries
France is Bacon.
Ninja Sword Fight
But does it float here
Red 2 here
Tales for little rebels' here
last motion picture camera
I want one of these
Seed bank here
Looks like an attempt at a forced soft closure to OWS tomorrow morning with cleaning crews instead of riot police. Although I guess they will need the police too. Starting at 6:00am the park owners will begin to clean the park in three stages, with protesters needing to leave each section of the park during its' cleaning phase. Upon reopening each section the park owners have asked the City to help them enforce the park rules which prohibit laying down on the ground, covering the ground with tarps or tents, storing personal items on park grounds, etc... So unless protesters can sleep standing up it looks like it's over. Just a matter of how quietly they will go.
For the first time, the number of wireless devices connecting to cellular networks in the United States and its territories over the past six months has surpassed the country’s total population. A semi-annual survey conducted by the CTIA found that wireless subscriber connections now total 327.6 million while the population of the U.S. and its territories is now 315.5 million people. This means the wireless penetration rate in the U.S. in now 103.9% according to the CTIA, marking the first time that wireless penetration has surpassed 100% in the U.S.
Am I crazy to switch to Sprint? Anybody use it in NYC?
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