Andrew on radio times here
Ted Koppel, line 1.

Speaking of Ted, he was on my radio today, what with his expertise in embassy stormings and such all. He reminded me of the name of his nightly TV show back in the day, "America Held Hostage." Hyperbole much, asshole?
mysterious paper sculptures in Edinburgh.
Depictions of heaven here
Susan kare here
One of the nice things about the debt ceiling showdown is that Republicans effectively voted for a $600 B cut in defense spending. Much gnashing and backpedaling will commence very soon.
Tonight's winner: fried baby abalone (3 y.o.) with a watercress, apple, bacon salad at Oswald.
veselka bowery v. kutsher's tribeca
"extreme minimal intervention" pinot
0.1% here
Hook'em Horns!
been watching Thumbs Up on netfl1x. into season 2 now. two korean americans hitch hike and hop trains across the us, accepting all rides.
saw this while flitting around imdb. the first sentence tickled my funnybone.
MARY MOTHER OF CHRIST is a biblical epic, youth based action drama biopic that will appeal to all audiences. Written by Benedict Fitzgerald (the writer of The Passion of the Christ) and Barbara Nicolosi. It begins shooting in October 2011 and is expected to be released in Christmas 2012. Starring Al Pacino as King Herod, Camilla Belle as Mary, Julia Ormond as Elizabeth and Peter O'Toole as Symeon. While the film will remain true to biblical accounts, the script is an account of Mary's life at 8, 15. 19 and 27 and Joseph's as 10, 17, 21 and 29 (as the Bible leaves to interpretation, the age of Joseph). Jesus is represented from birth to the age of 12. The picture will be filmed entirely in Jordan with the full support of Jordan's King Abdullah II, who is offering historical sites never before seen in film. The script and the production is a complete breakthrough and, as the production team likes to call it, is THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD.
occupy portland photos
ferrum gif
Wavy gravy movie saint misbehavin' on Showtime here. I recorded last night and really enjoyed.
Ows march cam here
live tweeting ww2
DASH, which has HLS-like and smooth-streaming-like capabilities, is another MPEG standard. VLC is supporting it.
upside down rhinos in the sky