Emergency at the Jupiter. here
Today (Dec 8) is the earliest sunset all year here
Panic in needle park was on one of the movie channels last night. A junky couple in NYC 1971. Pacino still looks like a kid at 31 and a chillingly natural performance from Kitty Winn. Link here.
Local residents narrowly avoid cannonball.
PFAF here
Don't buy this jacket here
Jan 28th

Mill Street Brews at ADC
18 Mill St.
Southbridge, MA
US 01550

Donna Jean Godchaux (Grateful Dead)
Tom Constanten (Grateful Dead)
Mark Karan (Bob Weir and Ratdog)
Kenny Brooks (Bob Weir and Ratdog)
this edgar oliver play was really great last year. they do it every year - take your kids, ryley and alice loved it.
The great Rupert on TCM now. here
i think if you all chip in i can have a merry christmas after all. if its too much of a burden i will cover the $22 shipping fee although it does make me wonder if its not "size as shown."
Philip Glass reads the last line from his opera Satyagraha outside Lincoln Center with OWS protesters and a crowd of opera-goers after the opera let out. Glass starts around 2:45. Worth it.
Levine here
Andrew on radio times here
Ted Koppel, line 1.

Speaking of Ted, he was on my radio today, what with his expertise in embassy stormings and such all. He reminded me of the name of his nightly TV show back in the day, "America Held Hostage." Hyperbole much, asshole?
mysterious paper sculptures in Edinburgh.
Depictions of heaven here
Susan kare here
One of the nice things about the debt ceiling showdown is that Republicans effectively voted for a $600 B cut in defense spending. Much gnashing and backpedaling will commence very soon.
Tonight's winner: fried baby abalone (3 y.o.) with a watercress, apple, bacon salad at Oswald.
veselka bowery v. kutsher's tribeca
"extreme minimal intervention" pinot