google's accidental streetview pix

Franco grignani here / goog images here
Stopping off place here

tons of primitive art, dada and creative children's projects and books on said subject. Via mondo bloggo
scale of the universe by 14 year old twins.
quite a life
oregon's beaver mustards
Heart wine glass here
Rothko's Portland here
Deadheads unite here

friendly's grocery here
Brird song radio here
He blew his mind out on a car here

See the video
hearing colors
get the ball, get the ball, get the ball
Phil Lesh's Marin space opens next month, with $300 VIP tickets and I bet there are enough rich dead heads to sell it out mostly.... Not worth it to me, but if regular tickets are available might be worth the $300 airfare to see one on a biz trip....
Amazing photos of Snowy Owl vs Peregrine Falcon encounter.
it used to be rock stars not pop stars... michael jackson, amy winehouse, whitney houston.
Art and drugs Ken Johnson here
Alice Hutchins here
i have no idea who kristen bell is, but i love this.
Transcendence x 2 here
mindful eating!. i ate a meal with Thich Nhat Hanh once at the Beacon, he did a day of mindfulness there. the whole audience was silent, eating together, lunches on laps. then we all walked around the block, very slowly in silence. was a nice day.
favorite dance song? i need some ideas, thanks!
Madonna's Halftime Show or was it an Illuminati Ritual
not exactly my cup of tea but i thought the debut of smash was well executed. and as nbc is desperate for a hit (and id like something to watch thats not reality-based) im sort of rooting for it.